Your design=the next trend?

Hey there

I work for a trends agency. If you believe your design can be the next trend and take over the world, then I would love to review it

You can send it to me at

Looking forward to seeing some innovative genius



I review original designs that have huge trend potential.
what on earth is spamtastic about that?

anyways, dear fatkid-do u have anything original you’d like to promote? You get credited as the creator+link to your site/blog/whatever.

Don’t be immature forever… :sunglasses:

Can not open your page…?

Might have been a compliment.
Works now? (i think there was a comma at the end of the link…)
Let me know…

ah…well was it?! In truth, I only read the ‘tastic’ part at first and was pleased…
but then I saw ‘spam’


woops, I miss read it. We get a lot of spam (that gets cleaned up quickly)…In general, c77 posters like it if you participate in the discussions. Look forward to seeing your thoughts on some of the projects and work that is already posted up.