Your cool point of view

A cool friend of mine is doing a research to find a more accurate meaning of “cool” when talking about products. As Dr. Eden Yin, University Lecturer in Marketing at The Judge Business School, Cambridge University, UK, says:

“Cool” is a word often used to describe anything attractive or impressive. In the context of products, the word is used to describe a class of products that stand out by possessing features that captivate consumers.

Realizing the bottom-line importance of creating such products, firms are increasingly trying to inject a “coolness” element into their offerings. But what is “cool”? “Cool” is highly subjective, and without a deeper understanding of “cool”, any attempt to create “coolness” is destined to fail. This survey sets out to investigate this poorly understood yet important concept. In particular, this study examines what defines and drives product coolness.

Now you too have the chance to be cool and participate on the survey. Please take a few minutes to give your cool point of view. Thanks! :slight_smile: