you WILL shit your pants!!!

don’t see no bush, can u be more specific?

u see that hole to the south ? now look around it, it’s all bush

I’m gonna have to go into rehab after using this thing!


Im getting an error saying “unable to connect to google servers to activate account”

Any ideas???

my pc meets the spec and my connection is 750k


i think that’s your mom picking up a penny

with a quote like that you must ride. here’s my KB bit:

“if you want plush, buy a couch”

looks like Google has shut-down the free download for the moment. please advise when this thing is online again… but from what they say, we may have to wait for the lauch of the mainstream version :cry:

NOT WORKING…bummer…the site was overloaded…

Tough to think of Google being overloaded, and access to a “free” beta being limited. But it’s their bandwidth, I guess. Props to whoever posted this to begin with.

KiTT I looked at Generation Dub - your site? Any more news on the Mk 5 GTI intro dates?

Good quote from KB. The cheap/strong/light quote has sort of been overhauled by the Crank Bros pedals though.

I’ve got my copy of Google Earth and none of you can take it away from me.

No man, is not my site. I found these guys through… GenDub is mostly Toronto-area VW’ers, and the actual guys running the forums are (mostly) located in Kitchener/Waterloo. It’s a really fun, laid-back forum, the biggest news recently is the up-coming Waterfest VW Festival in New Jersey, there are a bunch of cars heading down from Toronto for the weekend… but not me :frowning:

As for the North American intro of the new Golf, the dealers are saying “winter”, which means anywhere from November to February I guess. There are TDI Jetta’s available now, and the 2.0T is coming soon as well.

I like the new styling as it’s applied on the Golf and the Passat, but on the new Jetta… arg.

Worth a bump to the top - when I checked yesterday the downloads were again available… as well as a Google Earth Pro version for $400. Absolutely amazing and worth wasting the afternoon for, even with the free beta.