you WILL shit your pants!!!

this thing is nuts.

I found the missing girl in Aruba!

I’m gonna go find osama…

This thing rocks

that’s the greatest thing ever

I’m quitting ID and exploring this all day

Wow. That’s frickin’ awsome.

eifel tower, great pyramids, sphinx, grand canyon, great wall, ground zero, central park, stadiums, your own house, mt fuji, everest, golden gate,

i just traveled the world today

Carl Sagen called Earth a “pale blue dot.” Playing with this gave me a whole new perspective.

i just look at all the nooks and crannies and cliffs and parks and playgrounds and sketchy bushes where i found porn video covers and schools and places ive lived and worked in the past 20 somewhat years.

god bless the internet.

god bless bush’s speech just now.

Google’s going to keep making sicker and sicker stuff until one day, when we absolutely cannot live without it, they start charging $100 a month. And we’ll pay it gladly, to fly around the planet like I just did.

No end to the uses for this perspective on things.

Try as I might, I couldn’t make out the shapes of any babies sunbathing behind the Mandalay Bay though (typical lowbrow use of tech).

Excuse me while I go change my drawers…

No words to describe, nuts.
It’s just taking my time…

To be fair, Google bought this (it’s called Keyhole), they didn’t make it. But they did make it free, whereas it was a minimum of $20/month before. By buying the company that made this software originally, Google was able to do, which is spectacular.

If you watch some TV weather reports, you’ll notice some stations use Keyhole/google to do their “look around the area” weather.

Anyway, just thought I’d point out where this came from. Now if only they’d do a Mac version…

this is too good… i’m sure i’ll get fired because of it.

when does the live version come out?
i can’t wait to watch baseball games with this thing.

haha good one, and the irak stuff live

good call coppi cat

(as in fausto coppi right)

great purchase for google, works great with a search engine…what would Ed Tufte say? Is this enough of a “escape from flatland?”

this is the new crack

Damnit, now I can’t download it.

After looking at all the places I’ve lived I checked out Iraq, there’s some wierd stuff going on with that part of the map, like can anyone explain what the big sandy area SE of Al-Fallujah is representing? It looks like desert with faint lines representing roads and building foundations, really wierd.

are you for real… am i seeing things?
i just looked near that sand area.

maybe some google guys did it, but around those lines, you can read BUSH

swear to fkin GOD!!!

i see it. it’s very vague though.

remember like two years ago, you typed in “weapons of mass destruction” in google, you got some funny 404 message.

those fukers at google like to fuk around. at least they have a sense of humor.