so…nothing to do with “design”, but would y’all mind telling me what your most memorable meal has been… and why?


my first date with my girlfriend, of whom i am stil with-1 yr 2 months.

anyways, was our first date, we walked around talking and we both wante dto walk around until we found a place that would be nice, kind of like a spur of the moment place. We live in New York City, and we ended up at a place called Barakoota, on Saint Marks place. It was a candle lit place, and was really nice. it had great bread selections, sour doughs, pumpernickel, french bread, and others, and then we both got a ceasar salad, it was really good, it had a more fish taste to it than normal but was great. and then they brought out lemons for the waters and then the final meals, my girlfriend got a fish dish, and i got a new orleans fish platter. I am not a huge fish fan, but I think the date and the food and the whole night just really made it really rememorable, and now on all our anniversaries we make it an effort that a dinner at a new restaurant is apart of it, like a lasting tradition from that first date. it was and has been great–

anyways-also lots of other childhood stories-could write books-but will save you guys–

nice post- brings a lil different life to the forum.

Two words :
Sudan 1

too many fond memories…

there’s an all red restaurant in SF (potrero hill i believe) that serves really great spanish tapas. its near a french restaurant called chez mama and chez papa.

great romantic atmosphere and expensive tapas… and lots of laughs. thats what i remember.