You like it ???

Well the last time I posted a topic about my web site some guys give me some ideas, so, this is my new web site

Please, tell me what thing you don’t like it…because a try to find a jobs and my web site it’s the best way to find it…

See you folks!!! byebye

Nice site. Nice variety of projects. Not sure what I see will get you a typical “industrial design” position, but it should definitely get you something without question. Good luck to you.

i liked it a lot, the only thing i see for you might be to brush up on your sketching skills, but the site is cool. easy to navigate, and fun.

can only agree with what the others have said… but being a violinst i just have to comment on that I think that you maybe should rethink the stand a little bit… it is an instrument for around atleast $1500 … maybe a little bit to unsecure …

Well, I’m violinist to, and I think that’s o.k the stand, because have two differents security, just in case…and otherwise, a violin It’s a fine instruments, and believe me, you will put your violin always in a safe place…
But thanks for respond me…I like when you guys tell me thing about my projects…

Thanks you all…bye folks!!! :smiley:

your site does what is is supposed to do and show you off and makes it done in a simple format and is a minimalistic look. which i love. I am studing communication design at Parsons school of Design in NYC, and I can really respect work like this and how much work went into it. I am happy to see that you didn’t go “flash” crazy on your site many times when i have to wait for loading it puts me in a bad mood even before i have seen anything on the site.

good work,

Overall I thought the site was pretty good. I thought the violin might be easily tipped over. I think the bike is an interesting concept but looks too heavy, think carbon fiber, high tech metal construction. Definately keep working on the sketching.

Overall very good site!

If your looking for nit-picky comments here are mine…my opinion from a Industrial Design Background…

First, you are showing two weaker projects compared to the whole, kind’ve takes away from the presentation. Although it may be just the way these projects are presented; but I would suggest removing the SGV Commuter and Rescue Ball. You still will have enough other projects remaining to communicate the scope of work your capable of.

Second, I agree with one of the other posts. Clean up your sketches, or at least make use of photoshop to clean up the existing ones.

Like I said at the beginning, I really enjoyed the site as is…

I totally dig your site and your style. I noticed you are right in my neighborhood in Tempe. Lets go get coffee and you can give me some pointers on my portfolio…and maybe I can hire you to do a website for me!!

Great site, what 3d program do you use for the renders?