You know the designer of these Puma? (Complete TRailfox)

First, Excuse my english

I am not running professional but I have bought them for every day and are excellent, Im design student and way much thus I buy comfortable footwear, of many models that I have bought is first that satisfies all the necessities, and by the colors that it has for my is one of the best shoes than PUMA has been able to design, excellent that designed them like the classic models to vary very many the color resistances, and to have many; that makes only as product within the mark, for example black shoe and yellow sole. I adore the asymmetry in the shoe the form of the toe, the outer design of the heel, the resistance of the canvas and the mesh, and the inferior working of the group is excellent. They are too comfortable, I recommend 100% is an excellent shoe. I have two pairs and I am about to to buy my third (the one of super green sole pretty). I agree in which puma cannot let produce this model, in Colombia have not been sold many but the few have not lasted 1 month in display cabinet. I have many desire to know the designer of this model, and to learn on the design process of the Trailfox in individual.

Me gustan mucho estos zapatos, no soy corredor profesional pero los he comprado para el diario y son excelentes, soy estudiante de diseno y camino mucho por lo cual compro calzado comodo, de muchos modelos que he comprado es el primero que satisface todas las necesidades, y por los colores que tiene para mi es uno de los mejores zapatos que PUMA ha podido lanzar, deberian hacer como con los modelos clasicos variar muchisimo màs las combianciones de color, mantener los altos contrastes; eso los hace ùnicos como producto dentro de la marca, por ejemplo capellada negra y zuela amarilla o cosas asì. Adoro la asimetria en el zapato la forma de la puntera, el diseño exterior de el talòn, el contraste de la lona y la malla, y el labrado inferior de la plantilla es excelente. Problemas: 1.La lona con la que està n fabricados es magnìfica por aislar de la humedad pero serìa recomendable aumentar un poco su resistencia al rasgado ya que las tiras que sujetan los cordones tienen un borde muy agudo que rompe el zapato, los laterales que suben de la zuela negra en la parte frontal del zapato necesitan ser revisados por que pueden romper la lona luego de un tiempo. Amentar un poco màs la duraciòn de la amortiguaciòn de la zuela en el talòn y bajo la planta del pie ya que esta se reduce por fatiga de la espuma de la zuela y a los 6 meses de uso comienza a generar dolores musculares. Son demasiado comodos, los recomiendo 100% no se arrepentiran. Tengo dos pares y estoy por comprar mi tercero( el de zuela verde super bonito). Concuerdo en que puma no puede dejar de producir este modelo, en Colombia no se han vendido muchos pero los pocos no han durado 1 mes en vitrina. Quisiera poder conocer algo sobre el dise;ador de este modelo y depronto sobre el proceso de dise;o de las trailfox en particular.

I worked with him(he´s french)

you won´t find many guys in this business with such a progressive way of thinking.


Hi all.

I love Puma too.

I don’t know nothing about comfortability of Puma models,but the aesthetic is awesome.

I think that if your are working for a company and they give you total freedom for create some new concepts and collections,without limit of prize,you can play with all the styles,shapes,technology that you want or you can image.

Other world is that if you’re working for a company that sells for a specific market,you’ll be carefully with prizes,materials,colours,your collections will be restrictives and that fact will increase the dificulty for create a new style.


I dont think workign for any company gives you freedom to create without thinking of prices :slight_smile:

I have heard that Puma in Germany actually use some sort of exclusive consultancy for their design, and its not done in house. They do most of the performance products I believe, not sure about lifestyle. I think they do have designers working on the lifestyle stuff back in the US though.

According to their website they did the mostro, the speedcat, and some of the earlier Cellerator football shoes.

I dont know much about them though or how they work with PUMA.


I know the guy who designed the Speed Cat. He used to work for an independant design company that did a lot of Puma’s designs so I guess it’s this one, has since left and moved to another company andhas helped my brand with some work.

Come to think of it Tomfoolery who visits these boards once in a while just joined Puma, maybe he can find out who worked on these shoes.

btw. this concept was also “restricted” (like every concept) but the output is the great work of the designer and of course the developer.

… without limit of price… which means the shoes cost 830$ retail? who will buy these shoes? Paris Hilton?

I will tell my (ex) collegue to take a look at this website maybe he will answer some questions

I bought these shoes for a material reference last year. Because I wear a US size 9 (sample size) and I buy this standard size for references, I get to try on many shoes. Unfortunately, I found these shoes didn’t fit me very well. The toe is very pointed and they have a hell of a swing. The last is very stylized. If you are interested in purchasing these online, I would go up a half size larger. They are definitely beautiful, well made, lightweight, and surprisingly tough for an all textile upper.