You can make it in any color, as long as it's black.

Exactly…now my question is…why as professional industrial designers are we bickering over this thought process?


lets start arguing about how materials don’t make any difference in the design of products.

ergonomics are way overrated. it shouldn’t FIT!

or maybe we can just banish brainstorming from the ID process all together.

they’re all important facets of ID.

do it,

or quit,

or someone will be taking your job from you if you don’t quit.

Wow, your knowledge of safety, efficacy, claims, the FDA, 510k or PMA submissions is staggering. What you write is a nice thought, but with device design, you need to prove it, otherwise you can’t mention it or you will get a warning letter to cease and desist. Look and feel is a part of the design, but it can’t be used to sell the device.

Ironic getting career advice from someone not in the industry. BTW, where exactly did I write “It doesn’t need to look better… Lets just leave it ugly” ?

Discussion is now locked as it seems it has brought disintegrated into personal attacks.