You are all so jealous, i just got the best job ever!



I had to design a cupholder to look like a skull. That one sucked. But I think you beat me on worst design project ever.

are you nuts, SERIOUSLY a rubber chicken, how could you not be jealous.

In all honesty I am excited about this.

that was me forgetting to sign in, not me pretending some random anonymous person was exited about my rubber chicken.

I believe you mean “elastomeric chicken.”
Make sure to get the durometer right and minimize flash.

Nothing worse than a poorly manufactured chicken.

i definitely meant Rubber, 100% natural from cute little trees.

and obviously the less flash the better but that’s hardly an issue when dealing with eastern labor costs it’ll get meticulously cut away by efficient little fingers (OMG DID HE JUST SAY THAT)

you sure its not a polyethylene penquin wearing a rubber glove?

watched it (again, for the 100th time) two nights ago. any wonder…?



did you use alias?

there is no alias

What are you going to use to create it? I used Rhino for the skull. Yeah, I know, the thing looks ridiculous, but that’s what they wanted.

As a designer, sometimes you just have to swallow your pride.

Well it started with a ton of sketches, and now there is a sample box of chavant clays sitting on my desk so i can decide which density to use to start modeling it.

This is exactly what makes the Industrial Design profession disrespected and you are doing us all a disservice by accepting this project. Industrial design is more than just modeling a chicken shape, it is doing research and presenting unique solutions to your clients that make their companies more competitive against the Chinese. If all we do is sculpt chickens then how are we supposed to gain the respect we deserve?

Are you serious?

When was the last time you cured cancer, or invented the internet? Oh wait you were probably too busy developing the next award winning chair that you can’t sit in, just to get some critical aclaim rather than pay attention to actual customer needs.

Do you really take yourself that seriously?

Unless you are developing products on your own, most products are driven by consumer demand, and apparently there is a demand for rubber chickens and why shouldn’t someone who has an understanding of molding and the specific material and even “style” be involved in that rather than just making a piece of rubber that looks like a chicken?

I plan to revolutionize and revitalize the rubber chicken industry.

There are no small design jobs… just small designers!

don’t forget the ergonomics involved in using the chicken.

perhaps the neck could have some cool OXO grip feature.

oh…I’ll take one please, thanx.

I had a friend who has to design garden fence concepts next week. The company wants innovative designs but she has to keep to their existing tech…straight extruded plastic with straight cutoffs. Nothing else allowed that makes them modify their process, or any other materials or textures. I don’t know how innovative she can get with only straight parallel lines to work with.

I could draw 100 profiles for extrusion right now, on any job there are going to be parameters set that you must work within some broad some narrow.

Unless you are bringing your own designs to market then someone else is always going to have the final say, because SOMEONE ELSE IS FOOTING THE BILL. This is why i find many designers have an attitude of way too much self-importantance. Your designs may be making the $ but someone else laid out their money too realize your designs.

to be or not to be, is that the question?