do you answer all these posts on company time? lol! you have an answer for almost 80% of the posts here! :laughing:

i don’t even think he works at nike, he just shows up and plants himself in a chair
like that seinfeld episode with kramer at a company.

The shoes don’t design themselves. And I don’t have any elves come in to do the sketch demos and overlays I post for the sketching section… I do wish I had a spell checker though…hmmm

I just enjoy design and I also enjoy mindless commentary. Here I get both.

And if you think aboout it, the fact that I can design 12-14 shoes a year, freelance a bit, Have a familly, travel, do side projects, take time out to have drinks with my friends, squeaze some teaching in… and answer posts from chuckleheads such as yourselves, is pretty damn amazing from where I am looking from.

yo’s stats 4.69% of total / 2.75 posts per day
pretty reasonible considering mod status and what not

3 posts a day isn’t all that much. Granted it may be more like 4.2 posts assuming you only posts during the week… that still isn’t all that much.