Yo: sketch videos

Trying to get into the habit of making these.

A smartphone video from 2008 from the old Core77.com series I did. This was in real time. Boy has video capture and editing improved in the last few years!
Smart Phone concept sketch 2008 - YouTube

Mobile emergence clinic. This one was from 2011:

A skull I did for Halloween last year in 2015:

A Millennium Falcon from December of 2015 just for funnies:

A watch I did a couple of weeks ago, this was highly sped up:

And a pair of Polk headphones from last week:

I’ll try to keep adding to this, so any suggestions of anything you would like to see?

The next iphone my marketing people want.

rounded rectangle… next… :slight_smile:

you said iPhone, I heard chair… typical designer with selective comprehension…

I wouldn’t mind seeing how you go about sketching the cars you do - I always struggle with proportions when I try!

alright, cool, I’ll do one of those next.

How about a Cyclist-Centric Backpack? That could be cool. :smiley:

alright, you got it, I’ll get it on the list, rbid!


a blue duck, cause ive never seen a blue duck

And to tell you the truth, I kinda wanted to see one.

OK, mcpbowerman asked me to do a video of a car sketch. Here is a quick sketch technique I sometimes use. This sketch took 20 minutes. After laying down an underlay to work through the perspective and the design in Sharpie, a clean sheet was put over top and a series of cool grey marker strokes laid down. Once the overall form took shape, a layer of sharpie lifework was laid overtop. A few finishing strokes of marker and colored pencil, and a fast but communicative sketch is complete.

Keep them coming, Yo! I’ve never thought to overlay a second page to draw on top of it. Mind=blown :smiley:

Sharron, I’m glad it helped. The practice of using underlays is key to my work flow. Typically in the first pass I’m just working out the design. In the second pass I work through the perspective, then the third overlay is the final lifework to be colored up.

Brilliant! Thanks for the upload Yo, you make it look so easy!

Using underlays is something that I tend not to do unless I’m working on an exploded sketch or something of that nature, but I can see it definitely helps to get the initial design down and then use overlays to finalise.

I’ll have to make this more of a standard technique I think! :slight_smile:

Definitely give it a shot. It takes the pressure off of having to think of everything in the same sketch. I find it really helpful.

Sometimes when I just need to sketch, but I don’t want to think to much about it, I draw what I call a “Hover Bubble”. Just a cute little bubble of tech. They are a bit meditative. I always feel better after.

Nice videos Mike, thanks for sharing! Nice beats too!
I really feel like sketching after watching a couple of those!

I’d love to see some perspectives of sneakers :smiley: The bubble looks cool, I usually warm up with some 3/4 car/truck, just to play around with some ellipses and lines before getting my hands into something more serious.

Hey Yo,

Loving this thread so far. Maybe we could see something like a leatherman or other multi tool (with a theme? Starfleet Army Knife anyone?). Anyways, do you think you could slow it down a bit when you get to the markering part? I’m looking to study your technique for laying down marker.


will do. Working on Alejandro’s request now…