Yo & Moleste Cow

How many people on here are annoyed and bothered by Yo an Molested Cow responding to so much crap on this site. Don’t thes guys have jobs? They just won’t go away. I could see if their designs have merit, but they don’t. They are pointless exercises that don’t serve either a function or purpose for the consumer. They are arrogant and, simply put, know-it-alls.

Go away foolios and work on yo port folios…loser’s

By the way you are giving our school a bad rep showing all that porn in your portfolio.

Awaiting your response…dorks

So you’re asking if we agree, then you call us dorks?

And you graduated in '95? So that makes you what, like 30 years old? And you’re posting like a whining 12 year old?

Unlike you these guys are an active part of the community, so what’s your problem? If you don’t like 'em, ignore em.

who cares.

EVERY forum has those… mighty 700+ posters.
More e-ego to them. It’s like those leechers that go to a certain bar or club EVERY weekend and become regulars, and no one cares.

I personally envy Yo for his calm and clever attitude, I don´t know about cow that much, and the only looser here is you man, (by the way learn your english kid).

PORN**…**Where?? :sunglasses:

stop bitching :angry:

I am more than willing to discuss my work and that’s what those threads are for.

If you’d like to discuss this elsewhere, maybe you can leave your contact info and I can send you a copy of my portfolio… since you aren’t even registered.

Did someone say Porn? Copyboy, did you find it yet? :smiley:

Isn’t Yo considered a monitor for the sketching section of the site? Which means he should have an active part in the discussion boards? He isn’t posting random crap, i think he does a good job at helping people by giving advice that makes sense, as well as links or whatever to help people out. I have def. been able to use some of his thoughts/advice on sketching without even being active in the discusion because he took the time to explain with pics and steps to complete a process.

The only annoying crap that I read on here is from stupid posts by douchebags like you. If you dont wanna read stuff he posts, don’t bother going on the site.

Ahhhhh…all the ol’timers may recall…but a post like this reminds me of the core77 forums of old. Personal insults, cursing, postings having nothing to do with design only pop culture…perfect for anonymous venting when one has a shitty day.

Brings a tear to my eye, you youngin’s don’t appreciate the brashness, hurtful honestly these boards had during the early days of core77, you were still worried about getting a feel from your prom dates rather than design issues. Suck it up… (c:

Oh wait, I get it.

‘CCS Grad 95’ is also that ‘kk’ idiot from this thread:

Posted: Tue Apr 26, 2005 9:23 am Post subject:

Saw your pic on your web site. Although you cover part of your face with a shoe, somehow I can still tell that you are kind of a dork, is this true?

Your portfolio looks like cheap porn.

I am a designer for Diesel, much cooler than Nike. Ask anyone cool… in case you don’t believe me.

Posted: Tue Apr 26, 2005 11:36 am Post subject:

You are so gullible. Now you are my dog…I control you. I am not a designer, let alone a designer for diesel. But what I got out of you was the name of an industry insider. Thanks for the seed.

Ever heard of phone hacking


Posted: Tue Apr 26, 2005 12:23 pm Post subject:


I am not a social engineer, really…i’m not. I am actually an instructor at CCS, trying to find out how people react to my comments. Sorry for the confusion.

Yo has a job… we work for the same big, awesome, company… opinionated yes, arrogant no, and if you dont like reading his posts, then dont read them.

as for molested cow… you’re on your own pal… i dont really know you.

Cowardly Cock Smooch Univeristy class of 95
10 year reunion in June
Bring your tiny Cock and picturs of you sucking your boss’s suasage cause you can’t design shit you can show anyone.

One thing to the cow molester…your vac handle looks like a dildo!


CCS Grad '95 knows dildoes…he wears a strap-on over his needle dick. loser.

What the? It’s the most factual thing someone could say about the vac handle he posted for the world to see. I will put money on the fact that 90 percent of consumers will have an issue with the dildo handle. Stop defending the design with your bar room vocabulary and private part talk.

Also, realize that being defensive proves your guilty.

I think Yo’s sketches are pretty cool. I like his input and participation.

You would like his “I N P U T” wouldn’t you…

I don’t know what’s more pathetic…a loser who graduated ten years ago feeling threatened by a student…or a loser trying to make a funny intercourse joke. We aren’t laughing with you…we’re laughing at you.

Who cares what the purpose of your laughing is.

Don’t show your crap if you don’ want it laughed at or busted on. You are arrogant if you think I am not saying some honest comments. I am trying to help you…fool.

…earlier quote, "
Go away foolios and work on yo port folios…loser’s

By the way you are giving our school a bad rep showing all that porn in your portfolio.

Awaiting your response…dorks"

You said, “Bar room vocabulary?” Are you joking? Try and remember your own posts before you ridicule others…