Yo-folio>> Updated

still kind of a work in progress, this is a small, simple sample site I recently put up:

…good, clean, simple site YO. GREAT work.

hey yo
the website is simple , clean and easy to navigate.
I am a great fan of your work…

but i felt the site too bland …doesnt have the flare your work has
the sketches are too small to see
may be you could give a lil’ project briefs… ya it would be interesting to see the project brief and your approach toward it.
and I wonder why you havent put any of your products in any visual context or reference… a human figure or nature?

Thanks, really good feedback. Litterally slammed this up in like 4 hours total, so it really hasn’t been designed at this point. I will def integrate some of the feedback. I like the idea of getting the product shown on people more, which is an obvious oversight.

I have a lot of respect for you man. That site is killer just the way it is.
The content just leaps out.

Thanks dude. I am thinking about making a few tweaks… when I get time… whenever that might be. It’s not very pollished but then neither am I and I think it shows what I do.

Nice work! All I can say is that I want to see more of you sketches and thought process. You obviously have decent sketching skill, why not showcase it?

it’s cool…

updated and added a couple of things… still working on it here and there…

Yo, i have great respect for ya man,

BUT your website doesnt cut it for me. I feel you are too much into your designs to distinguish what is crap and what is good. generally it is advised to leave your weaker stuff out of your folio, in this case you should scrub out the whole transportation section of your site, and just stick to shoes.

like what others have said, add someproject descriptions, to me its just all pretty pictures (or not so pretty) so far, and the site looks like something a fresh graduate would produce.

i expect more from you considering you always have somethin to say about others works. Now i think its time u actually got your act together and do something on a more professional level.

Cheers mate, keep it up!!!

I’m diggin the new shoes Yo. Nice stuff.


Yo, great stuff, as always. You really have an amazing talent for design, and particularly the product stuff! But I gotta agree with the other poster…ditch the auto section…it’s not your strong point. (And I understand, you’re an employed designer, this website is just a personal side thing…you don’t really care what I have to say :smiley: )

I’d love to see a couple of the projects blown out to show more of a process. Sketches, CAD work, fancy CAD renderings, etc. Personally, I’m more intrigued by some of the projects you worked on in you consulting days vs. the shoe stuff, but hey, that’s just me.

And If this is a design portfolio site, I’d ditch the personal photo on the intro page…too pretentious for my taste, but again, to each his own

My immediate take on the site is the Apple navigation. Not sur eif I like the obvious appropriation of their menu. The content/drawings are pretty good however.

Oh cool, you linked to Josh Spear’s site! He gave a very enthusiastic presentation at the Midwest IDSA conference this year… had some very nice ideas!

I like the site- I’ll have to explore it a bit tomorrow when I should be working!

Thanks. Updated it this morning, still doing work based on some of your feedback. You might have to refresh your browser a few times to clear the cache.

Got rid of the blatent rip off apple navigation. Added a couple of pics of the shoes on people. Moved the pic of me deeper into the site, off the main page. Added a sketches page, a links page and separated the footwear from the products.

The links on the links page don’t work yet and I will be adding more in the products section, as requested. I don’t plan on blowing any of the projects out with process, briefs, or methodology, only because this is more of a sample site, with teasers, that stuff is best shown in person I think. Its too in depth to do it justice on a hack, poorly put together site!


Anyway, as always, thoughts, comments, feedback…

Cool update…much more powerful opening the site to images of your work! Cool picture with Jordan, BTW. Certainly understand about not bogging things down with tedious explanations, process, blah, blah, blah

Thanks, I’m tryin’! The feedback has been great. Good ideas. I did add a little philosophy blurb that kind of sums up my approach in response to your suggestion.

well you know what i think buddy dont even really need to comment… One small thing though any chance you can increase the image size of your shoe stuff? dunno if its my screen but sketches etc look a bit small, just nit picking really though, sweet job bru. (Thought you wore glasses though man? Or did you take em off for the ‘shoot’?)


The site is nice- really simple navigation - no crazy flash- no long loads.

If I were to change anything it would be:

  1. Click to Hi-res images of sketches / completed work for some or all of the projects
  2. Transportation is abreviated for some reason on the navigation- doesn’t look like it needs to be.
  3. Logo on the front page looks kind of big.

Spectacular work!

Looking good so far… very nice teaser images when you load each page, just enough variety in each of them to show off quite a diverse set of skills. You’re gonna hate me for this one… but I just noticed you left one of the "o"s out of Philosophy! (In case no one else caught that)