yo deletes replies to his offensive posts

He called me a redneck and I’m really from Holland. Well, my family is at least. Whatever the case, I’m about as far from being a redneck as possible. Even if I was a proud southerner, I would take offense to this.

I expect an apology as well.

ufo you need to step back and gain perspective. you’re entitled to your opinions on design, but you’re making yourself look bad.

good luck.

keep waiting. i won’t change the way i deal with retards.

where did i say anything about south. there’re red necks in california too and you sound like a california red neck.

You’ve taken it too far with the racial slur UFO. Valdo is in fact a good friend of mine I met offline several years ago. I deeply respect both of your persian backgrounds, and insulting mine based on TV stereotypes was unnecessary.If you are attempting to insult me into running away, or posting some kind of slur in return, your efforts are in vain. I hope this is not your aim, and I hope that no one stoops to this low level of insulting your heritage.

I await your apology. In the future I hope you will keep your comments to design.

for f**k’s sake people!!!

Is this the National Enquirer of design? I feel like I’m trapped at my laundromat with all 5 TVs blairing Jerry Springer and various Court TV programs.

Please don’t even dignify this guy with a response. He’s not worth your time, the broadband or stroage that core puts up for these forums, and he’s definitely not worth the rent space in our heads!!!

Please people let’s talk intelligently about design. :laughing: Sorry for the cheesey segue, but I’ve posted a thread with some serious questions about how we as designers feel about our craft and identity being appropraited by religion. It’s gotten 46 looks and no replies yet. This is my first time on this message board and I find it sad that most of the attention (the largest # of replies short of the “racing robots” thread) is being sucked up by such an arrogant f***. None of us are justifying our tuition or tax dollars by getting dragged into this.

Don’t let him push your buttons. If you stop replying to his posts, he will eventually stop posting. In the meantime, please help a desperate student out with a research paper that has no solid research sources yet, and respond to my questions about designers on intelligent design.



6 posts! laughable.

i guess hijacking my thread and calling me an arrogant f*** is considered intelligent design.

you’ll get no response about design because you contradict yourself. it’s not my problem. you need to stay true to your own ideals first.

Wait…I can do the best UFO impersonation…

"uh, I suck…and I render cars and stuff and sit around in my underwear posting crap on design boards all day. I have an imaginary company that works on imaginary products. I wash my dad’s red Miata for spending cash, to buy grape soda and cheese curls. I downloaded a trial copy of Cinema 4D and rendered the car images you see on my Corefolio. The only reason you don’t see more crap work is that the 30 day trial was up. Every night before I go to sleep, I recite my famous Chris Bangle quote to myself three times. It gives me a boner.

My harelip gives me my nasty temper. (sorry YO)

I dress in black and sit in Starbucks with a sketchpad, sketching cars until someone asks me what I am sketching. I will then explain how I am a car designer working on a skunkworks project for BMW, and report directly to Chris Bangle on all matters. If they actually know about design, I usually dump coffee on my crotch and run for the door.

I usually like to stir up my day by posting a little hate on Core. On a good day I can take on 3-12 people in chat combat. I feel like a message board Warrior sometimes. My preference is to take a portion of their response and “quote” it, followed by a snappy little bitch slap. These tend not to make any sense, but it is quick and efficient.

gotta go, I think that my new ID magazine is in the mailbox.

On a good day I can take on 3-12 people in chat combat. I feel like a message board Warrior sometimes. My preference is to take a portion of their response and “quote” it, followed by a snappy little bitch slap. These tend not to make any sense, but it is quick and efficient.

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

I have nothing to say, but that was great!!

finally, something i agree with. i had to read all the way through the pipe to get to that part though!


You are so far off base…UFO does not believe in the value of sketching, it is out dated and of no importance in the design process of today. It is far faster and more efficent to go straight to CAD…

Just check the other 90% of his rants…

The votes are in.

The final tally says that UFO is a poser, a loser, and a D-bag.

The people have spoken.

UFO sit the f*** down.

(but thanks for giving me something funny to read during the day)

Wow, what a great Monday! First a cash bonus for the best sales month in company history and now this. Hey toolgirl, don’t pay him no mind… I don’t.


ppd, by god, you’re a work of art!

While this thread has been an interesting and highly volatile read, I feel the sheer amount of intelligent and supportive responses in favor of YO make a strong showing as to the quality of his moderation over the years. I have been a lurker on the site for years now, but when it was finally time to share the nearly completed fruits of my labor, my new startup design consultancy firm (www.thetrapset.com), I went to YO first. After looking at my own work for nearly a year, I felt I needed an outside opinion. YO’s body of work is one of the best on this site and his critical yet enlightened response revealed that he truly took the time to review and consider the project I presented him with. He made several suggestions which I feel enhanced the overall quality and visuals of the design.
UFO, it is not about the number of posts you have, but how you use them to make this a better community.

omg!! cant believe it took me so long to find this great post!! finally somebody else has realised that yo can be a real self-righteous wanker. UFO i am on your side, i’m sick of yo censoring posts; if somebody wants to say nike sucks, let them. Likewise, if somebody wants to say yo has his head up his ass, fair enough.

thanks for your support triplusss. you know exactly what i’m talking about. why should he be treated any different from the rest of the posters here on core? what’s the deal, if he flames others should they throw him a red carpet, sit quietly and take the stick? way not.

At the begining of this post, I was thinking, “people are a bit mean towards UFO on this board”. But, after reading all of his rants, I feel that he should be banned from the boards.

Thinking back, I can’t remember one post by UFO that had anything of value in it, just vacuous negativity. To follow it up, he is insulting and vulgar in nearly every post here.

Dude, get a life.

you don’t need a memory to view my posts. they’re all there in my profile. that’s why your case is immaturely one sided.

i think you should be banned for not recognising the difference between an intelligent design discussion forum and an idiotic pissing contest yo forum.

in fact i think it was yo who was telling me to remove my chris bangle quote sig in numerous occasions. who gives him the right to do that? he should’ve gotten banned for such lousy behavior a long time ago.

i think stu and others at core are too soft on him. anyway i don’t mind. i consider it yo’s own setback not core’s, because in the end he’s responsible for his own actions not others.

thanks to Yo for his pm, and to puporpeopledesign. Amen to Carlsson 70 and Mr.9-14. Whitecollar, I love the photo for your profile. Ive had 6 reposnes to the ID thread, a four hour nap and found a bunch of other worth while topics here.