yo deletes replies to his offensive posts

i would like to start this thread to show core admin that yo (moderator) makes attack posts and when you reply he deletes the reply but leaves his own post intact

i wrote:

plato has said: beauty is truth and truty beauty and both are virtue.

this is what he wrote and my reply.

you won’t because you can’t see the truth.

i’ve finished school. so too late.

but knowing americans the fact is there’re those who lie and those who are used to taking it from behind.

i hope core admin reviews this and removes this guy as a moderator.

I’m sorry you find reason and logic offensive…

… maybe you can let us know how design education is run in Iran without insulting America and enlighten us as to why you decided to study ID in California vs in Iran. To my knowledge there is at least one ID program in Iran.

As far as seeing truth, I’m pretty clear, but you might want to check yourself before you wreck yourself bro.

it’s here for everyone to see and you can’t do shit about it.

now go back to wanking on the statue of liberty wall paper you got stored somewhere as your patriotic resource.

I’m not trying to do anything about it because it IS clear, no amount of insults will cover the fact that you are avoiding my questions.

Thanks for proving my point for me though. Best thing you’ve posted in 3 years.

Also ask yourself, which one of us has a job in ID? You don’t need to be Chris Bangle to figure that one out.


as i said i already finished school.

proving your point? what a joke.

I’m well aware of of the fact that you finished school several years ago and then moved out of the country after not being able to secure a job, thank you for illuminating the rest of the board.

Unfortunately, that answer has nothing to do with my questions, do you need me to retype them? or put them in simpler language? maybe reference Socrates? Would that help you my friend?

Let me know what you need, I’m here for you as always.

for your info i’m a US citizen and i already have work. tons of it.

and to answer your question precisely:

i have no idea how design education is run in iran. i’m just setting up an office in there because i don’t want to get jetlag when i travel to europe and china.

btw whatever i said about US education, americans, etc stands the same. i wont retreat.

Now how difficult was that? I’m not sure why it takes several posts to get a straight answer from you.

Now you see I would think that taking international flights from Europe to Iran and over to Asia would be a hassle, so its cost effective you think?

Should I look into relocating there, because I go to both places quite often? Over the years I have learned to cope with jet lag though, so maybe I’m cool way up in Oregon. I tend not to make career decisions based on jet lag.

What type of paying projects have you had lately? Can you give us a client list? How many posts will it take me to get these answers?

You know UFO, reading your posts over the past several years, I’ve noticed a trend in seemingly frustrated negativity. Tell us about positive aspects of your design education experience. What are some schools that you think are doing a good job of educating students? What were some of the reasons you went into design? What inspires you, keeps you going?

Don’t go all nice again Yo - I was just starting to enjoy it.

for me it is because i don’t care about money.

americans can’t survive in iran because they don’t speak the language, the fast food is trash, no external credit cards or travel checks accepted, no social entertainment like cinemas, clubs bars, no alchohol, no women, no supermarkets with 20 isles of junk food. get the pic?
you’re better off in turkey.

i’m not consulting. we have our own product which we intend to sell in asia/middle east and then internationally. my chinese partner is the CEO.

btw, don’t treat me like a psychiatric patient and tell your psychologist wife to practice on someone else.

the only positive aspect was that i finished the schools i attended. the negative was the lack of expansive experimentation/research and philosophy development in programs.

i have no idea what the schools are doing. i’m judging based on what students say about their schools and what i see in folios and what comes out as products.

i went into product design because i felt it’s something i know how to approach in a personal and technical manner at the same time.

i get inspired by my own array of imagination / new unfamiliar experiences when appropriate which i re-examine to explore.

don’t worry he’ll flip again.

Aside from that computer rendering of a car for your Avatar, have you ever shown ANY of your work? I mean, you’re supposed to be an amazing designer. Heck, you’re incredible design talent is wanted by companies all over the globe, which is why you’re setting up a satellite office in Iran. Are you sure that office isn’t your parents’ spare bedroom?

Which schools did you attend? Did you get pushed out of one into another? Why did you switch schools? Was OUR tax money not paying enough of your tuition? Don’t bite the hand that feeds you, buddy.

Your psycho-babble goes on and on without any substance. It’s almost like you leaf through a dictionary looking for big words and throw them all in one sentence together. “which you re-examine to explore.” What the fooook is that supposed to mean? You sound like some wannabedesigner that reads all of the periodicals but cant’ do anything yourself.

Don’t even think about blasting Yo! That guy has his stuff together and is probably one of the best designers on this board. Scott Wilson pops on here from time to time and whoever Egg is…well, he certainly knows what he’s talking about. You should do more listening than writing all this ridiculous stuff. Show us a short client list. And don’t post Mcdonald’s as a client. Flipping burgers is different than designing a new cash-register.

yeah it was my dad’s. but right now he’s in US and not returning to iran. so he gave it to me.

all info is in my folio page.
i didn’t switch schools. i got MA.
my parents paid for my school tuitions. i didn’t get one cent of any tax money while i was watching american kids in frathouses spending it on their fave boos/prostitutes/dates and wild parties.

let’s see your work then you can wank all you want.

i couldn’t care less. he’s the jumpy lunatic.

as for scott wilson or egg they’re just like other posters to me.

i don’t consult or do freelance and it’s been a while, so no client list.

Man, it’s impossible to get any work out of you. Let’s see some images!! Never seen your portfolio. Wanna post a link?

Here are a few things I’ve done and they will be on my new core thingy soon.

So, you’re in-between freelancing and consulting? Sounds like out of work. Have you even had a job?

As for the tax money thing, if you went to a state funded school, you still used OUR tax money. At least show us how it did any good.

www.designagency.com Con-Tech lighting, Hampton Forge, AON, etc.
www.wildernesssystems.com Most of the boats and outfitting.

So, let’s see your stuff. Tit for tat.

anyway… back to people that earn their existence.

@Whitecollar, nice work man, always great to see a professional’s work. Let me know when you post more, would love to see. Doing those Kayaks must have been some fun.

Oh, as for UFO’s portfolio:brace yourself:

Oh, as for UFO’s portfolio:brace yourself:

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

UFO, I give up…

Holy S#!T!!


stop complaining…

do something positive!

Just had to chip in.

Eide shoma mobarak. First of all… Happy New Year to you UFO.

I’ve read numerous posts by you, I admire your knowledge.

I am not here to pick fights with you nor bash you. All of us seem to have a blindspot on our characters. So do I.

It seems that you always try to prove yourself to others just as you probably have done with your parents and family. Always trying to live up to someone’s expectations. You had a choice of becoming a doctor or engineer (hope this rings a bell), you at least had to get your masters, right?

The way you come across with your knowledge may seem arrogant, boastful, and very ego driven. Your strong-minded opinions receive nothing more than a good laugh from fellow posters. The harder you push back the harder everyone laughs. Have you ever gave thought as to why you constantly have explain and defend yourself to others?

If you get a chance, get this book 10 Secrets For Success and Inner Peace by Dr. Wayne Dyer. Otherwise this maybe more up your alley: Rubaiyat by Omar Khayyam, Hafez, or anything by Rumi or Sufi.

I thought this was a good one from Khayyam:

At dawn came a calling from the tavern
Hark drunken mad man of the cavern
Arise; let us fill with wine one more turn
Before destiny fills our cup, our urn.

Wish you the the best. Khoda Hafez.