Yo could you give a step by step demonstration on sketching

I am fairly new to this site, and have really been impressed the talent on here. I am a graphic designer who’s main focus has been pc pc pc pc pc. I want to break out of this mold and get more on the creative side by bringing to the table my own ideas. Problem is, I am a bit rusty at sketching. If you could please give a brief step by step tutorial on how you come about your sketches of sneakers, cars, and people i would really appreciate it. If its too much to post here on the board. You can email it to me at thecldriva@aol.com. Thank you so much for your time.

maybe it would be a good starting point to post some of your sketches of shoes, people, etc. so that we can know what areas of sketching you might need the most work in.



I’ll try to get one up, in the mean time check out:




thanks. :smiley: