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Yo can you give us some pointers on how to sketch with a tablet? I just got a new tablet at work and I really need some help on learning how to use it. Im new to this foruim and I have seen some of the sketches you have done. I am a very traditionalist with markers and pen. can you give me some pointers or a tutorial.

Might get more feedback with this post in the sketching section of the forum.

I am no pro at the tablet, but what worked for me was just hours of sloppy circle 8’s and really organic forms to then working to more solid forms. I didn’t try to start off drawing anything too realistic. I think for me the first week or so was just getting adjusted to looking at the screen and drawing and not down at the paper.

good luck with it, I am sure there will be many who will help you out with your sketching, and might be helpful if you were to post some of your sketches so we can better help you.


ditto, just log in hours drawing lines getting used to the disconnection between eyes and hand. Start off just trying to draw the same line or arc over itself a gazillion times, it’ll teach you some much needed control that’s necessary with these things.
Also, some programs seem to have different “feels”. I find it harder to draw lines and be accurate in photoshop, sketchbook feels better-easier to “connect” and if you draw in the paint part of studiotools13-everything just seems to connect perfectly…not sure why there’s such a difference in “sensitivity” between the programs.
-Keep a log of when you practice and for how long, just keep track to help you keep practicing and stay on scedule. Good luck

That’s pretty much in in a nutshell from Skinny and Digital, there are no real tricks, it just takes time to develop your style. Check this out though: