Yo and Skinny, can I get some feedback from you?

Hi guys! Your work looks great. I am trying to brush up on my photoshop skills and could use any advice that you might have on improving my renderings. Hope to hear from you soon.

Thanks in advance!

how’s francisco?

get my e-mail from David and I’ll help you with this

-right now it’s reading a little flat, the light source is a little confused (seperate pieces look like they were rendered seperately with slightly varied ligth sources)


francisco is doing well, thanks for asking. i’ll shoot you an email first thing in the morning, thanks for responding!


Was this designed completely in the side view? Try drawing a 3/4 view and you’ll find some areas that need clearer definition. It will also help with your shading.

-Try doing some general body shading for the whole form at once, as if there were no seperate parts. Some parts you’ve done seperately like the green accent so the highlights arent following the same form as the grey base. it makes it look like it’s supposed to be a different shape but I’m sure that’s not what you want.

-The orange button is flat. The way it’s presented says it’s a rectangular-ish block but I’m not sure if that’s what you want. The way you shade it would give some indication of it, this way looks rectangular. Other details that makes it present itself as rectangular is that you only see the profile of the front handle shapes, they don’t come into the form at all. In 3-d, that would mean that profile shape is in a straight line.

-The shadow and highlights on the handle part make it hard to understand what the shapes are doing. The highlights are in spots and make the form look wavy. Same advice as above, render the whole if the shapes are continuous, then the cutlines and colors will differentiate the two.

-Also be careful about certain details that will instantly flatten your view or escherize them. The divits in the chuck are stuck on. Realistically, they would get flatter near the edges because the ellipses are being rotated. Near the top would almost be a straight line and only a perfect circle along the centerline.
Also, if it’s a side view, some of the partlines seem to creep around. The highlights are too big, it makes it look like the partlines are twisting like a rollercoaster or that there is a really big radius between the materials in spots.

So try doing a hand sketch in 3-d to help you define exactly what’s going on in some areas. That will tell you what you need to do to render it.
-Then shade starting from large general shapes first, then going down to smaller ones.
-Be careful of shading or highlights that go straight to the edge, makes the product look cookie cutterish. There’s normally some other value change around the edge that helps make the product look rounder and not like an extruded block.
-Make sure details (chuck dents, etc) follow the form and perspective.
-Be careful of sharp edges, most are rounded in manufactured products

Take a look at my drawing and notes. It shows where some areas may be vague, the type of stuff you’ll have to decide on before the render that will tell you how you should render some parts.

Good luck.


Great review skinny. I would recommend shading the entire thing in one color (no material or color breaks) to get a better feel for the form, it should read with no details…

Thanks for the feedback!

Nice feedback…
I agree YO… I normally shade the entire object then go back and add color and texture. This way you can get a better understanding of the form and give all surfaces uniform shadow contrast.