Yo! 2017 sketch a day

Ok, I’m going to try to do 1 fun sketch per day for all of 2017… now you might be saying “don’t you already do that?”… almost. Last year I hit about 250. This year I’ll try to be disciplined about it. Starting the year by going to CES will be an immediate challenge.


This is such a great idea, I attempted last year but only ended up getting halfway through February…
Good luck and I’ll keep following for updates :slight_smile:

Thanks MCPBowman. Not too late to start it for 2017!


Double post on this one. Some quick knife handles between meetings on my iPad.

Quick 15 minute iPad doodle in between meetings today at #ces2017 a mid century modern inspired bottle opener at the request of my good friend and collaborator @lyonsound … so far I’ve been able to keep up the one sketch a day New Years resolution. Any requests? I need themes.

Super inspiring sketches and idea Michael, keep it up! Lately I’ve been digging 80’s Polaroid cameras, looking back at those forms and functional transforming bodies has been fun and is pretty different for a theme.

Good idea! I like it.

Would love to see how your sketch style translates to something completely different, maybe some crazy exercise machine?! I’d also love to see how you’d sketch the interior of one of the cars you sketch, or an element from the interior of one?

both great suggestions. Thanks!


Gray’s request. Polaroid… not a very good one, but I got it done.


Aston Martin 2017-010

I forgot to post yesterdays, college boy mini fridge

Keep forgetting to post them but here is 2017:12 and 2017:13

Last night’s 2017-014



Last two days: