Yet another "help me identify this chair" request.

I found a vintage Steelcase task chair at a local Goodwill for $9.99. Since it’s in amazing condition and cost practically nothing, I took it home without a second thought. However, I’d like to know some more about it. Specifically, the model name and the year it was produced. I’ve searched the information on the label, but it hasn’t returned any results. I can provide a picture of the label if that would help anyone ID it.

Post the pic, I’ll see if any of the folks that have been around awhile know anything about.

This is part of the “C” line of chairs manufactured from the the mid/late 40’s until about 1973.

I found a poster with this on it labeled as “C38?”

  • I hope that makes you feel better about not being able to identify it, as even whoever was documenting
    it didn’t seem to be sure of it’s identity.

Please still post a pic of the label if you could.

Thanks for your help. Do you happen to have a picture of, or a link to, the poster?

Here is the label, as well as a profile and back shot. Sorry, about the image quality. iPhone 3G is terrible with close-ups.