Yes No Maybe for Bombay Sapphire

Hi everybody -

My martini glass, Yes No Maybe, was selected as a finalist for Sapphire’s competition. Check it out at I’d like to make refinements to the design, so any feedback is greatly appreciated.

This year, Bombay Sapphire’s Designer Glass Competition allows people to vote for their favorites. Visit

It is a nice, simple design.

Perhaps show other noble metals in addition to the gold base: to achieve some visual distinction yet maintain the simple clean look. Or offer plain metals that impart some interesting colors: titanium, stainless steel. The metal names themselves alwyas create catchy branding capabilities.

Also, it’s a nice, simple website you have.

Holy crap congrats on the competition Mike ( it’s Chad F. BTW ) I’ll have to tell everybody the good news in Studio in the morning.

asymmetry is the new symmetry. elegant. I like it. How about making the metallic element in the base magnetic, so you can mount the glasses sideways or inverted. Maybe the whole bar could be magnetized so that all of the drinks hover just above the surface.

That would be cool. The Bar could be called “Maglev”.

Roller Mt, i like your website, its nice and clean, and easy to understand. Did you make it your self?

On to the yes, no maybe, i love them,i think the idea behind them is great, and from a manufacturable standpoint, you have pretty much nailed it. All in all a great product design.


Thanks for the comments so far.

Yes, I designed the site myself. This summer I learned some basic CSS to put the site together. It wasn’t too hard to learn, so I’d encourage anyone who’s interested to dive right in.

I enjoyed your site also, although when I first visited I thought that the side images had been cut off, and then moved towards them hoping it would scroll, but it didnt :frowning: HAHA, I think it would be cool if it scrolled, somethign about cliking a 1/3 image isn’t working for me.