yellow foam

what exactly is the proper title of “yellow foam” and does anybody know where to purchase it?


it’s rigid polyurethane foam, i just get scraps/cut-offs from school, but I think it’s originally sourced from a surfboard maker…

I’ve seen something similar, sometimes called modelling foam, which you can buy from art/sculpture suppliers, which is dark green-colored, dense as wood, but costs quite a bit…

someone helped me with this a couple of months ago… call these guys and I bet they will have what you need

thank you very much guys, I appreciate the help.

looks like my company is too cheap to pay for it – I have to head over to a craft store and hope the foam there will hold up :unamused:

If you find foam at a craft store, chances are it’s polystyrene; it’s awful for sculpting, and is also very sensitive to chemicals; tough to paint, etc.

Yup Deez, that looks like the stuff I used in school - Thanks! maybe I can convince the people on top to buy some next time

circular, unfortunately you are right - I ended up getting polystyrene… the flower arrangement stuff. I’ve been able to sculpt it to the right shape but priming it has proven to be a real bitch. I just slopped some spackle all over it and plan to sand it in the morning.

Is he referring to RenShape?

^ I dont think so, the renshape comes (generally) in two colors, red and blue. Each one is a different density. The green stuff is softer than the ‘normal’ yellow foam, so soft that you can stick the end of a flower directly into it. Thats why its used for flower arrangements.

Ren comes in as many colors as it does densities.

This is where we get ours from

Also the very soft green floral foam is called “oasis”, and i can’t imagine ever trying to finish it as it’s open cell and meant to absorb water for maintaining live arrangements.

A great foam for models and prototypes is “Last-a-foam” Made by “General Plastics Manufacturing” It comes in many densities a little pricey but easy to work with and machineable. It takes bondo well and can be sanded smooth and painted. Creates a nasty dust that sticks to everything.