Years of Experience Question

On Coroflot or in any designers CV or Portfolio, are the professional years at design school counted as years of experience?

years of experience are earned on the job, but freelance work or internships are often counted.

I count freelance. It’s becoming more difficult for students now out of school to maybe find jobs if they don’t have yrs of experience. Many of the interviews I have been to ask for it and even when I am in school. kind of crazy to think that a degree is no longer as strong, but now they want that and yrs of experience.

but honestly, some of the most useful information you will learn will be at the job and not in school. get those yrs of experience in school if you can.

As long as you have a client (other than your class instructor) then its considered work experience… even if you are a student.

…and don’t forget: employers are not only filtering based on years of experience, but on QUALITY.
So if you count design school and that internship where you cut some foam core and present yourself as a designer with three years experience, your work will be judged against those years, even if you just graduated.

More often than not, I receive resumes with inflated years of experience and it always backfires.

also claiming they know how to use programs that they don’t i had a friend that did that and was asked on the second day to use it an couldnt…i know you want to make your resume stand-out…lieing wont help you out, in the long run…