Yeahey to no/reg./

good or bad. i find myself not wanting to read or post now. knowing that fewer and fewer IDers will show work. that more will post anonymously. just seems to feel like a step backward. a step away from forming a supportive community.

Dude, totaly with you. I never got the anon thing, I guess because I never really wanted to be an jerk and post things that are derogatory, or talk bad about people I used to work with or anything.

I just want to share ideas, and I think since registration has gone into effect the quality of cintent in here has elevated, while the number of post has unfortunately plumetted.

The registration system is great C77! If a user wants to remain anon, they can simply not post links to there personal info. If a user does not mind other posters knowing who he/she is, there is that option as well.

That said, it is sad to see the number of posts go up so dramaticly since registration has become optional, or is that just my perception?

a spell check would be good though for the left brain defunct such as myself!

Core, you did good hearing the majority out and removing registration. It was just time-consuming and added that feel of having to look for your keys in a rush to open the door.

Just feels so much better barging in. Imagine a bunch of friends meeting at a locked downtown cafe … you just want to walk in, grab a chair and chat.


Now, can you bring back the older, larger, more readable fonts too?

I also wish there was a really active and involved forum for ID. I guess it’s hard to establish a real “pulse” for a dicussion forum without having a strong sense of community. My favorite forum is because the General Discussion and Debate forum is a catch all for any topic or dicussion. It never ceases to amaze me how many different and thought provoking issues people explore on there. I joined thinking it would be a “meathead car forum” but I have been totally wrong on that. I think for any forum to be successful it has to have members and support staff who are capable of accepting and honoring rules which help the site function well, and there needs to be a good balance of serious dicussion and BS threads to have fun. I’ve also noticed forums with “cliques” actually seem to suceed because people have fun watching “the California” people interact, etc.

That being said, I’m not sure what this forum would need. Maybe some dumb juvenile bullshit to lighten up the mood, and some greater input and particpation at times. I will say that post registration I have seen more quality content come from here. ANY good advice and feedback is much appreciated by me right now as I am starting my career.

agreed with the general stance about the benefits of registration…

too bad core has to deal with the crap end of things…

but hopefully the “genuine regulars” would stick around and just side step the dog-poo along the way and it could continue to be beneficial for those that want to contribute/learn something on here…

just like there really isn’t anti-graffitti paint/overcoat (it may be easier to clean etc) they are determined to vandalise something, they’ll do it anyways…

I aggree. :smiley:
I’m also thankful for the quality feedback and responses.
And here I thought this forum was becoming a bit sterile! :open_mouth:
… OK, I was wrong. :wink:

Reminds me of the good o’l days. Great job, this is the way Core was meant to be!

Awful idea opening the boards back up to the masses. Evidenced, of course, here, here and here. That certainly didn’t take long to devolve.

I concurr. Big mistake.

Oh btw this is d-flux. dammit i can even use my own name anymore…

sorry if the unregistered masses annoy you. bit sad actually, not you guys, but the crap posters. Then again it is a bit sad that you can’t seem to scroll beyond the crap…

Just ignore it and move on. the more you bitch the more “they” post…

thumbs up core, maybe there will be some good intelligent conversations around here, once you sift through the shite. honestly its been quite bland around here lately…

Well Im gonna say that this annonimity rubbish is a problem. :open_mouth:

  1. The people who actually want others to know who they are because that is how they distinguish the core players, now have a pain in the ass signing in process.

  2. I dont have a problem with the black texts, just reluctant to engage because…

  3. …those who are not prepared to show themselves as registered… why? It just makes me think that there are too many on here who hide what they want to cause they know they can now. The validity of the site has dropped, which is a shame. What’s the point of an open design forum if nobody knows who they are talking with? Goes against the constructs of the forum’s duty, no?

Only my opinion but thats how i feel about it. :smiley:

being Registered didnt reveal anyone.

i dont see much real difference tbh. even Registered users didnt show their work. they were just more polite. imo if people dont even want to show their work how can their opinion be worth anything? either way its disappointing. doesnt reflect well on this profession afaic.

I wanted to see how this went before posting here. It seems to be that opening Core up has just brought back the 10 idiotic posts for every 1 intelligent post. That is certainly something to be excited about. I’ve been frustrated by that before because I don’t feel like my time is worth trying to find the intelligent posts. Good luck Core.

Hello=Pissed Off=Unregistered Guest=Complete Loser=Lots of Laughs

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

Maybe not professional but unregistered Core board is funnier.

Bonehead, I agree. How many personalities do you have? 3? 4?

Bonehead=Bittersweet=Guest=Pissed Off=Hello

This guy is AMC maybe?

Register now…or risk pulling a Norman. :wink:

who is norman?