YAYO's BACK: Rio de Janeiro or Buenos Aires

Hey you all,

I’m wondering which place to travel to in South America. Would you rather go to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (need visa) or Buenos Aires Argintina?

It definitely depends on if you are travelling with your girlfriend or your wife… Rio - girlfriend… Buenos Aires - wife

Did you tell your wife about your wandering thoughts in the office and she is now making you take her on vacation?

Hehe. You better change your nick.

Go to Rio. Bring both.

I’m taking my wife of course inbetween our birthdays late October early November. You need a visa ($110) for Brazil, not for Argintina. A friend said that I can take a boat from Buenos Aires to Punta Del Este; supposed to be the hot spot over there in So. America. There is also Iguazu water falls as well in Argintina.

Sounds like youve already decided to go there then.
We need an update on your love story. A brief one. Brief.
Oh, and have a nice trip.

Well Theo, things are still cool. No I did not tell her about something I might have had briefly in my head; it is different than an (pysical) action. Action would have been worse than a thought and would warrant disclosure.

Have anybody went to Brazil, Argintina, or any other? Can you take a train through countries?