Yard Sale design

Yesterday, as we were getting ready for our upcoming yardsale, it dawned on me just how much crap consumers can accumulate. It also made me realize how many designers are out there pumping this stuff out. I wish I had back all of the $ I spent on those things. Granted, most of the things we are selling are toys which my daughter has outgrown or clothes that we don’t like any more. I found 2 snow globes that we bought at Old Navy for $5 each while standing in line to check out. CD’s that cost $12-15 each will probably sell for $3. Things that look really cool displayed at Pier One and Target are usually the first things put into the yard sale pile. It’s interesting / humbling to know that almost everything our profession puts out into this world will end up in a yard sale / ebay / landfill within 6months of release. One of my career goals is to not be a yard sale designer.

I hear ya. I don’t think any of us want to be. It seems though that we could really use the money and for some weird reason, people are willing to pay us. I like the mentality of Marcel Wanders regarding this. He is interested in producing objects that only increase in value (emotional or otherwise) as time goes by. He calls it a patina. Hopefully we can steer society into changing its throw-away mentallity.

Americans are insane consumers of frivolous junk.