Yaht/Boat Design Schools

I would also like to say thanks for setting up this discussion.

Can anyone suggest a school to attend for Yacht/Boat Design?

I Design toys for now and love it, but I grew up fishing and boating, and it would be
awesome to design the perfect recreational fishing boat some day.

Thanks in advance for any advice!

a comprehensive listing…

Westlawn has an accredited and fairly high rated correspondence corse


I think Art Center had a long running colab with westlawn. From my experience, a lot of the boat manufactures, like Bayliner and what not, like to hire car guys for the exteriors and what not.

MIT has a program called something like Marine Architecture. It’s not an art school, so I don’t know if its focus would be what you’re looking for but, if it’s MIT, I’m sure it’s at least a decent program.

Hey guys,
Thanks for all of your help!