i hate to mention this, but a product isnt good or cool just because you can plug an i-pod into it. i feel pretty disgusted as a designer to see the ever increasing range of i-pod associated products. isnt this type of product exactly what we should be rebeling against?

It all depends 3fold. Some products, like the stereo bases for I-Pods, I think are a little weak. Afterall, if I’m somewhere that I am able to listen to a stereo, I probably have a radio there to begin with, and, a place to plug the Ipod in already!

But, I’ve been happy to see the spread of accesory inputs in cars. After all, it’s like a mega CD-changer, but with a better shuffle ability. I would love that the next six hour drive to St Leonard, NB or Toronto!

Also, I think the plethora of iPod accesories is a real tribute to the great design of the product. After all, how many products inspire their users to offer up gifts to their product?