I was out at the Outdoor Retailer’s show in Salt Lake City two weekends ago and saw this cool new product called the Xlider. It’s similar to the Rip Stick by RAZOR, but the standing surfaces are totally independent once you learn how to navigate on them. Here is a link to their website.


Check out some of the videos.

The two younger guys invented them and had them manufactured in Korea.

I thought they were amazing, especially once I saw them in action.[/url]

I guess none of you think these Xliders are as amazing as I think they are.

I found the ‘put the rail between the legs’ instead of griding it a bit amusing.

Have you ever seen a freeboard? now these are cool.


Xlider…not sure I get it. But I am also about 20 years out of their target, methinks.

Now the Freeboard…that is cool.

I’ll have to admit it the Freeboard is pretty cool. I think it’s a little more on the extremer side than the Xliders. The Xliders are more of an art or dance like move. The Freeboard is a replication of downhill snowboarding, which still looks like fun! If the Xliders had some foot bindings then maybe you could jump on them if the casters would permit it without spinning in the opposite direction of your motion, which could be bad for the landing.

Both concepts are cool in my opinion.

Got to agree on the freeboard, the other to me looks like you have a very steep learning curve, and as has shown with wind surfing that can spell to big inital sales and no contuinuiation sales. The other aspect is little or no barrier to entry, its going to be a shit and get unless you can promote the heck out of it and develope a strong brand name.

I would have to disagree with you on the learning curve issue. My friend jumped on a pair at the O.R. show and took to it right away. He’s about 30 years old, so it’s not like the Xliders are marketed to a younger age group. I imagine after about 30 minutes and you’d have the concept down.

Now if they had bindings they would be a lot more fun for vertical movements like I stated before.

what about all those nippers going around with wheels in there shoes!

Nothing pisses me off more than seeing kids roll around with those damn things in every public space. I’ve seen many of them roll right into traffic and nearly get killed. Crazy stuff.

You sound older than ip_wirelessly

I haven’t seen that yet, but I do see kids rolling all over the place at the malls running into people. Cutting off the elderly. It’s pretty rude if you ask me.

you sound even older than both of them put together.


36 isn’t THAT old. Besides, its kids that make you FEEL old.

IP has me beat by 9 years in the age race. I’m currently 27. I guess I sound older.

You can’t tell me that you enjoy watching all these young kids gliding along carelessly with no regard for the elderly.

the XLider just looks like a strange mutation or “lens smashing” if you will of the snakeboard - Snakeboard - Wikipedia
and rollerblades, and now I can’t grind … BS man!

Freeboards are awesome, I’d love to give one a spin, and a streetcarver would be nice.

I’d think of the Xlider as more of a Razor Ripstik that’s cut in half with two casters on each foot board/surface for stability.


not only do I sound older than both of them put togeather i am damn close in reality (52). On the little kids doing stupid stuff, hey darwin was right and the apple don’t fall far from the tree. Looking back at the stuff I and others like me in my generation did and got away with shows you that luck is a component in life as in poker.

hey I’m 26, I see these kids rolling around, and just think…cor I wish I had some back in ‘my day…’ I also remember bombing round on my bike, playing knock ‘a’ door run, playing out on the street with to occasional football in to a window…its all part of growing up…and having fun.

Isn’t the Streetcarver the one BMW made? Is it still available?

I have to laugh because I work with two guys -grown men in their 20s & 30s- who wear Heelys. Traveling with them at the airport is interesting because they wheel through the terminal to their gate. …Both embarrassing and practical!