Not sure if this update warranted a third thread from you about your portfolio within 3 weeks, especially since it looks/functions the exact same as the one I saw at the beginning of March.

Can’t judge it yet since you don’t have content in it and it’s just a template from Cargo. Let us know when you’ve got the content down. There’s no text accompanying any of the projects to explain them, and some of the projects like Gloo have (what basically look like) the same sketches 3 pages in a row. Your presentation lacks that extra day put in to really show your process in each project. I see no sketch models in projects where foam models would be vital to the design (like Gloo, which, by the way, you should really change that grunge font). I can’t see how you think.

When I look at your website I have trouble deciphering what your doing and why your doing it. Often, your final results are interesting, but it takes quite a bit of effort from the viewer to understand whats going on. Specifically, I have a hard time understanding two of your protects, the jetson and the sensory toy.

The jetson is hard to buy into, knowing a bit about musical instruments and musicians. The manner in which the neck of the guitar bends would be a turn off to many musicians( I have many friends who are guitarists, a handful of which studied music at the collegiate level and many others are in touring bands. I have shown them this project to get their opinions and, frankly, they do not believe your form would work sonically.) .

Your presentation needs to justify your design decisions, at a minimum. Your material selections are curious considering that resonation is key to sound quality, even in an electric guitar. There are many reasons that the RKS guitar was groundbreaking. One of which was that musicians began to accept, and were willing to pay a premium for, a guitar that was not made solely out of wood(obviously excluding the electronics and the strings). Your presentation is not enough to sell your idea to casual observers, even those with marginal knowledge about musical instruments. I am stopping shot of calling this a bad idea, but your are not selling me on your product.

Additionally, your photography on both this project and the grace detracts from your design decisions and solutions. Your models and compositions are distracting and cloud the viewers eye with unnecessary details. If your want to model your guitar with some attitude, you should be rocking out on a stage with some low, colorful lighting and you should hire a show photographer with a wide angle lens to help you out. That is how people are used to seeing guitars photographed. Check out Rolling Stone, Guitar World, or any music magazine for some inspiration.

For the cerebra, I am hoping that your text justifies your design decisions, but there is too much text in a very small space. Very few designers, or people in general, would be willing to invest the time necessary to read what you have presented. Without reading your lengthy description, I have no idea what is going on in this project, The final rendering is interesting, but there is just not enough shown to make me believe that your product is worth while.

In total, your projects are hard to understand for the casual observer. The gloo is a good example of this. You don’t tell us what your product does until the fifth slide. Most people wont get that far. From a form stand point, I have no idea what the gloo would actually look like in real life. It seems to be a very complex form and the images you have shown do not describe it well. In fact, they may even contradict themselves.

You have good ideas and some interesting concepts, but your presentation doesn’t show them off very well. Im sure your know which of your skills could be improved upon, so i wont get into that. Your portfolio is all about presentation and you are not presenting your ideas or your process very well.

I am not intending to hijack your thread, but I do find it frustrating when people comment on threads without presenting their credentials, so im going to post the link to my portfolio. I hope it illustrates the points I made above.