x-box sketch session

I know it’s a morgue in here but:


paper: old pad Aquabee fashion pad-14x17

bic pen-sharpie

white-prisma pencil

Hey Yo:

Would be curious to hear how your design is any more appropriate for the market for the X-Box than the 360 is?

It seems to me that the style you are presenting here follows a bit of the “superhero logo” look that the original X-box carried with it.

Although I tend to find the 360’s design to be off target as well, I don’t see this being any different.

I know, I know, buck up some sketches… :wink:

This is a sketch, not a final design. I think that, while the original was pretty hideous, the big x on the old unit was very iconic, and set it apart from the competition. I wanted to work that in, but in a new way while using some more contemporary materials and more of a housewares type of color pallette. With that x you can’t confuse it for Sony, Nintendo, or anything else, and I think MS has the earned the right to be proud of the business and platform they have built, instead of suffling it into annonimity.

But really, I don’t think this is about what the x-box SHOULD have been, i doubt a bunch of hacks screwing around will figure that out, but merely a bunch of people showing options for what it COULD have been…

maybe you could show us your thoughts in a visual form next time? Doesn’t have to be all rendered, just a doodle will do.

Cool…that explains it. I was just curious as to what it was you were getting at. I like the “could be” analogy as opposed to a “should be” approach.

I agree, I need to buck up some thoughts on this…I am doing far to much “thinking” and not enough “doing”.

No one seems to take much interest in this but figured i would throw this in, just did it at the end of lunch. my first sketch, if i get time ill try to refine it with some detail and render. I haven’t owned a console since Genesis, but from what I feel, I see XBOX as the Big, beefy, mean system compared to sony, and nintendos systems. I wanted to give it a look as though it is a beast and has a set of balls with some exposed metal and guts. like it was just pulled from a wreck. i picture the x across the front still glowing, ready for more.

if anyone wants to render it go for it!

i obviously havent hit all of what my thoughts are in this sketch (big , beefy, etc), but its just an initial sketch to get some thought on paper…

OK this is ridiculous…

Sorry 'bout that.

ridiculously sweet sketch. I like the tweaked perspective. Are you using any type of overlay?

I assume you’re using a ballpoint and then hit it with a sharpie?

Thanks for the post.

Hey, thanks! They were fun to draw, but totally absurd!

I didn’t do any underlays for those guys, but I usually do at least one for “real” sketches.

These were done on a tablet PC (Toshiba m200) in Alias Sketchbook Pro. I use it for all of my product sketching, but usually do thumbnails & doodling in ballpoint on cheap-o bond paper.

i have been feening for a tablet pc! hey optimistic, 2 questions: what do you use it for? and do you find that it streamlines your workload any?

I use it constantly - it’s totally replaced my desktop. I’m Chicago-based and have clients all over the place, so I email electronic sketches for almost everything I do. It saves a ton of time not having to scan & touch up 20+ sketches, plus it saves a LOT of money on Pilot Fineliners (my drug of choice) and tracing paper. The pen tools are SWEET in Alias Sketchbook Pro, though it’s missing some features I need to bounce back and forth to Photoshop for (scaling sketches, adding text, etc.). But SBP is only on version 1.x, so I’m sure it will get there.

A few other plusses:

Less waste - I don’t blow through a ream of paper + a week anymore.

More secure - I don’t have to worry about shredding client’s drawings, since they’re all digital.

A few negatives:

Since you have no hard copies, you should to invest in 2 backup drives, just to be safe

Though it’s a nice hi-res screen (1400x1050), you DO need an external LCD for doing real color work, as well as for 3D modeling like Rhino3D (for sheer real estate)

I understand this is WAY off topic… I was just going to PM this to you, but I thought some other might get something out of it. Feel free to PM me with any other questions, etc. There are a few other tablet PC threads on here…


tesselate this D2LO… :slight_smile:

“love playing my new xbox360 wirelessly from bed…”




little Kubrick meets Todd’s & Prada

learning sub-d’s with creasing and experimenting with displacement and greebles (plugin for self-generated surface details… chips in on board)… thought of your thread…

Cool stuff man

Finally! Some obsurdity! I love it!

That’s macy D’s, I’m lovin it! :slight_smile:


i like ur concepts digitalvisions …

thanks vitro4u-

I never really took it very far, just left it at thumbs but was hoping more would have contributed to the sketch session. I believe that Yo is trying to start another sketching thing like this but he was asking what it should be so that we get more people involved…

hope all had a great 4th- now back to work