I just recently got my website up and running.
I would love to get some feedback from you.

Thanks so much for your time.


Mina Ghaani


I don’t know why this hasn’t got much attention but this is great work!

Why do you talk about yourself in the 3rd person in your projects? It really distances yourself from the work. I like to hear it from a 1st person view.

I saw this about a week ago and was gonna comment, but forgot. I think this portfolio has a very common issue in that I don’t see any of your design process or your thinking behind your decisions. I just see final renderings and product shots. I want to see your research, your sketches, your models… if you did user tests or what different forms you explored… What inspired you? What makes this product better than the other things out there?

For example, the Hexi furniture description sounds right out of a catalogue to sell it.

Hexi, a collaborative with Adrien Guenette and Paige Vanderkemp, is multifunctional furniture that allows for young children, 3 to 5 years of age, that are developing their problem solving and strategy skills to play, imagine, build and rearrange. Hexi promotes creativity, strategic skills, and comfort.

A number of issues I would expect to see in an industrial designer’s portfolio are not addressed:

  1. 3-5 years of age: how did you deal with ergonomics of children? Safety? The wood edges look rather sharp, and they look heavy.
  2. Problem solving and strategy? How do they solve problems with this? Show me some pictures of kids doing that. I just see a girl crawling through one (which is fine if this is just for them to crawl through).
  3. Build and rearrange: again, the wood looks sharp and heavy. Why did you pick the materials you picked? Why do they lend themselves to being played with by kids?
  4. Promotes creativity strategic skills and comfort. How? You already mentioned strategic skills. How does this promote comfort? Is it in the colors you picked? Is there a psychological association with those tones that inspires comfort? Is it the forms? The materials?

Similar problems with the Peanut bag. You talk about how it fits the female physique, but I never see that in the visuals. No side view orthographic paired up with a Dreyfuss chart of a woman. No sight of a woman wearing it, actually. "Peanut derived its form from a peanut and integrated co-creation ". I don’t see a peanut at all. And what is integrated co-creation?


That said, I think that the quality of the work is good, and you seem to have a knack for form development and aesthetics. In the end, I’m still slightly confused about what you’re looking for in a job: are you a graphic designer? I like Hyde, but there’s basically only one solid branding project. Are you a product designer? I would want to see more of your thinking and process. Are you an interior designer? Automotive designer??? (That bike doesn’t look Lambo to me. Lambos are sharper and defined.) I can tell that you’re not done with the portfolio, so good luck and come back with questions! I look forward to seeing more.

Tarnergine basically said it all.

But I think for me I would really emphasize showing your decision making and more understanding of users and/or stakeholders. Your forms and sense of aesthetic are awesome! But as you know we all love to see that messy design story and development (= process)- which I am positive you have tons of.

However with that said, editing of that ‘process’ is very important. The approach and key decisions that determined your project’s strategy. By showing this, I think it will become even more obvious to yourself and your audience ‘what kind of designer’ you are.


I just wanted to acknowledge the amazing feedback, I am taking it all into consideration there are a few things I will question a little further, but in the meantime things are a little chaotic and I am not currently able to focus all of my energy on this. Please be patient with me, I will be picking your brains soon as I start to rearrange/add things on my website.