this is a project that myself and 2 other guys from my design process class are working on. The project is called sabotage. We know that this sort of thing has been done before but we have expanded upon it and made it local (Toronto) at the same time.

check out this first (its the ticket that we put on over 200 cars)

than go here (as the ticket asks you to) http://www.envirocan-rwc.tk

let me know what you think of the concept.

Ou est-ce que la version français?!?

No, I’m just kidding. I was prepared to be offended by your website, but actually, it’s quite well done. I do have to wonder if you could get in trouble with the city for immitating their tickets though. I hope you checked that out before handing them out.

I’ve always gotten a laugh out of these publicities, but I’m curious if they are effective. Anyone want to share their thoughts?

Pretending to be the government to advance your cause seems as underhanded as those folks that target old people with scam investments that are packaged in seemingly official envelopes and letterhead. I’m all for the “trick” to get someone’s attention, but to frighten someone into taking action through outright deception seems nasty. Take the damn Environment Canada logo off your website.

Are you prepared to go around and pick these up off the streets after they are pulled off the car, shredded and tossed away on the ground once the owner reads it is fake? Seems like a novel idea but more than likely will end up causing more litter. I think the trees will be better off without without this idea. The only thing worse than spammers are flyers littering car windshields. LOL.

well from my knowlage only one person threw out the ticked and he is on the video. http://members.rogers.com/gboot801/Sabotage.mov

Also we only handed out about 50 tickes and from this we got 37 hits on your web site.

If we made one person think then the paper was worth it.