Check the webpage out for information and order of a brand new skethcbook!

It looks interesting but the shipping isnt explained that well and I suspect it would cost a more to send it to the U.S. than the book costs.
It would be nice if they offered it thru amazon.com

If you click the paypal button u will notice the freight is 20$ (international)


If you buy three, the shipping is the same.

Group buy, anyone?

It states that for US it is $33 plus 20 shipping but when I click to buy, it states that it is $53 plus 20 which si 73 total. What up with that.

The shipping cost is corrected now.

I just got the book, and it is totally worth the $$$
I was hesitant too because it is a bit pricey with the shipping, and there weren’t many unbiased reviews. It has 104 pages packed with varied sketches, advice, and commentary. It would be great to see other people who got the book put their opinions in this post too!

yeah, these guys from UmeÃ¥ know there stuff… the book is insane!!

i asked on the website for some information, never been answered…
i’m still waiting, maybe you don’t ship it in Göteborg!!!

alright! i’ve to admit that you just answered me.
thank you klara/ jim

Three of us (instructors at CCS) went in on the book. Well worth the money. It’s actually very inspirational too.

Highly recommended

I got it; it was expensive with shipping and all… It is a good sketching book, the must accurate and up to date.

If you need to get your sketching and rendering skills up I highly recommend it.

If you are just going to use it for reference, buy some Auto & Design Mags.

this book is great.

dick powell style for the modern designer.

ordered mine on monday…!

I actually used this book as a reference in school (1.5 years ago). One of our classes (intro to I.D) actually made it a txt book, as in required reading.

Its definitely worth the money, especially if you looking for an up to date book on rendering techniques (How to draw cars like a pro…out of date?)

Just take note that its not so much as a how to (although there are some tutorials at the end) as it is a collection of work from graduate students.

If your like me, I learned best in school by looking at works from students who had better technique then me be it sketching/rendering/model making/ etc. That is where this book came in handy, as inspiration and something to emulate.

the book is pretty amazing. i keep it near whenever i am sketching.

There’s a topic about sketching books in which I mentioned a new book that is very similar to Design Sketching.

If you like Design Sketching you should look into this one, it’s the same idea and quite a bit thicker.

I just got this book. Haven’t read it cover to cover yet, but from what I have read, it’s awesome. Going to look into the other that you listed, kepano. Thx.