WTF? :: Red Dot Award Winner?

What makes this award winning design?

“The front cover keeps dust off while not in use and protects the internal electronic components.”



its orange and black…judges favorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrie colors.

Duh IP, it’s simple and pure lines along with the ergonomicly advanced card reading recipticle. It’s quite obvious.


ya, i dont get it either. not to mention these business card readers have been around for at least 10 years, and i’ve never seen one work as advertised.

different fonts, paper, foils, embossing, sizes of/on cards always mess them up, or the format of info is in some way different than the app you need to import the info to…

also love how they say “On-the-go professionals find it a great companion to bring along on business trips to file contact info into a database before returning to the office.” i have no idea why someone would buy this for use in the office let alone carry it around with them…

well at least its shiny out of date, useless technology.


It sure seems that Red Dot Awards must be for sale as has been said before. Open a catalog of stock plastic housings for inspiration, pay a few thousand Euros and you, too, can be an “award winning designer”. Sheeeeesh!!! Too bad this won’t get broader exposure in the business and popular press to show how much credibility Red Dot (and some other) “awards” have.

ID is the worst, remember the gravity light that could not in this universe function?

we’re just jealous that we didn’t get a red dot award for our very first college design projects… My cardboard radio shaped like a nintendo controller was awesome!

I’m working on starting a bad design blog.

The check cleared.

Arrrrgggghh…ok. This one is really twisting the knife in my back. Isn’t it time for our industry to call a spade a spade?

Isn’t this doing nothing but undermining the whole industry?

An international Award? For a black and orange box? That scans business cards? AND HAS A FRAKKING HORRIBLE PHOTOCHOPPED HAND IN THE IMAGERY!!!

I mean seriously. They can afford to buy an award but they can’t afford the cost for an actual hand model in a decent photo studio???

rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgghhh…this one irritates me to no friggin’ end.

LOL! Now THERE’S elegant simplicity!

Some quick calculations. This year there were 3203 submissions. The entry fee for a company is 110 euros for the first entry and 50 euros for each additional entry. Then if you win something there’s an additional fee.

If you win the big prize you have to pay even more.

They even make you pay for the delivery of your winner’s package! So what do you think? Maybe somewhere around $500,000-750,000? Giving awards sure pays better than designing products. Can you you say “bend over” in German?

So which design award is the most legit?

I say we make a user and peer rated award program that costs nothing to enter and is voted on by the public. The fees make it feel “fixed.”

I have no issues with the pay to enter as there are definitely time and costs associated with organizing these types of design…1HDC isn’t nearly on this scale and it takes time to get organized.

Its products like this that seem to carry with it a feeling that it won because it paid. That can be eliminated by Red Dot and the way they approach the judging.

How many winners are there per year? Who designed this clear winner?

I’ve had enough with these bullsh*t design winning major awards.

That design recognized as award winning discredits any respect and intelligence I’ve had for Red Dot.

I won’t begin to express my stance on the shark-alien-BSG-attack-force-squad Hitachi powertool that won the IDEA award. Ridiculous.

Core77 Design Award.
No entry fee.
No cash prize.
Just a digital logo prize to add to the portfolio/product packaging/etc.
Voted on by the public/a group of designers decided by a vote/on a C77 forum/or by educated and practicing IDers on C77.

Essentially a solid well-deserved and well-respected design award with no bullsh*t to celebrate good design. Isn’t that what its supposed to be anyway?

This seems like it can hook in with a conversation about why people are becoming unhappy with I.D. magazine as well. I was disappointed with the recent “design review” edition they pop out each year. It really has become increasingly evident that if you’ve got the cash to drop, they will “recognize” you. There was stuff in there that was a few years old, stuff that wasn’t fully developed, and stuff that was just plain disappointing. I also have a real bone to pick with a lot of the Design for the other 90 folks. If we feel the need to solve other problems because we believe they are otherwise uncapable of survival, which they may or may not be, I feel like these solutions deserve a legitimate amount of thought. Like for instance that in water transport solutions, water weighs 8 pounds per gallon, so you aren’t going to be able to put 25 gallons on your person and walk around.

… I thought there was something missing from my late 70’s video game console box!!!