WSA exhibition 2009 Las Vegas

I recently discovered that there is a exhibition for footwear coming up in feburary. I looked at the companies that came last year and there seemed to be well over 100. Well, this year I’m a junior looking for connections, and a lead for a footwear design internship this summer. Has anyone been to this, or knows much about it? Should I go?


search the thread here in the footwear forum. this show (and others) have been previously discussed. you should find all your answers you are looking for.


Check this thread.

It’s not covered in the other thread, but WSA has been slowly dying off according to some folks I know. I’ve seen some advertising for this year’s show and they are promising to “make it more exciting” - whatever that means.

MAGIC in Feb might be a better bet, but Ed Hardy/Christian Autiger (sp?) had a dust up with MAGIC/Porject and decided to do his own show elsewhere at the last show during the summer - not sure what will happen in Feb. When he left, some of the bigger names followed him to the new spot. MAGIC was still jumping - but it was the first one I went to with my co. so It’s hard for me to judge.

Good luck!

^ Dead Hardy is definitely planning their own show once again this week.

Rather genius considering how much Magic/Project/Pool can charge for a measly booth.