Wrap a flat surface onto another surface

I need to find a way to wrap a flat surface onto another surface. The surface has a complex curvature. I need the flat surface to wrap so it doesn’t distort. Not texture mapping. Actual geometry on actual geometry
Kind of like throwing a tarp onto a car. I need to see exactly where the tarp lands. Are there modeling programs that can do this?

any software attempting this would need to account for folds created in the virtual tarpaulin, as this is what would happen in real life. You might be able to get something out of the likes of Maya or 3DsMax, where you can (roughly)simulate the behaviour of cloth.
Can you explain more about what you want to get out of this and what level of accuracy needed and why, ideally with pics - we might be able to suggest a workaround method for CAD software if you’re currently using any.

3ds Max and Maya both have good cloth simulation packages built into them. I’ve used 3ds Max for this numerous times. I’ve mainly used it for draping sheets and blankets over a bed.

Is the geometry distorted when draped onto the curved surface? I need to know exactly where & how the flat surface will land, because I need to know what shape & how big to make it.

Sorry no pictures.
Let’s assume the tarp is shaped like a cross. Each side of it will wrap onto the hood, sides, and trunk independently. This way to minimize or eliminate wrinkles.

Using Pro/e. The only thing it can do is wrap a curve onto a surface, and only if the surface has curvature in only one direction.

I’m going to guess that 3ds Max would not be the best option for your requirements. Since it is a Poly/Sub-D modeling package you won’t get the exact shapes needed. With 3ds max you can give the materials being draped the actually properties of some basic materials, but nothing too fancy is built into the presets. It would give you more of a basic idea of what you would get, but nothing close to being manufacturable.

Maybe Maya would be better since it’s a much stronger NURBS package?

I wonder if Rhino would have something that would work?

Someone else will need to chime in on this.

OK, I checked out Maya’s website and it looks like nCloth would work. Only question - is that the exact geometry? Looking at their videos, it seems pretty close.

Freeware alternative Blender also seems to have a cloth capability, though probably not NURBS based :

Good luck and let us know if you do work out a good solution to this…

Another option you might look at is Optitex’s 3D Draping Solution. Haven’t used this module myself but overall package would be able to give you exact geometry of the flattened shape. Other option might be to create a solid model then 3D Flattening - transform 3D to 2D.

3D Draping Solution

3D Flattening - transform 3D to 2D

Thanks for the suggestions. They were a big help. I’ll let you know what I find out.

Rhino will do that… Flow Surface

There was an IDSA webinar on that last year

Rhino has a function called Drape.

It lays a rectangular surface straight down over geometry. Where it meets a space it drops straight to the floor, or selected level. The spacing of the sample points can be varied. It does not attempt to do cloth type folding. I have personally not found a use for it in precise shaping, the flow of the sampling points generally conflicts with the flow of the geometry. This little example shows the strengths and weaknesses of the method.

Basic solids.

Sample spacing of 1.

Sample spacing of 5, the edge granularity shows up, but in the main areas of contact the result is smoother.