wow... WOW!

Solar powered cellphone battery charger, exhibited in Taipei.

Olympus Medical Systems, capsule sized camera.

I can’t get the original source of news but here’s the sumary:

Prototype, 0.5mm diameter, powered wirelessly, guided system can release medication on a specific location, as well as collect fluid sample in the digestive system, or carry out sona scan. This sounds more like a sci-fi Bond gizmo to me, too good to be true. Next you see somebody using it as a micro internal demolition device.

i like iPod solar charger better. on Core homepage. still room for improvement. but nice efforts. both.

nice pic of the swallowcam. was a tv report on those. showed pics of inside a body versus a colonoscopy(?) thing. kinda ick. but sounds like a much better option. for two reasons…ahem. but dont remember a good view of the camera. nice shot.

Is that dirt in the index finger top?