Wow, this is the first....

that I have encountered a major corporation won’t hire non-US citizen for INTERNSHIP due to some “NA-Corporate policy”.

Some wont because they dont want to sponsor the visa, liability if you go postal or something.

You must suck! Usually they make exceptions or find a way…

doesn’t mean you suck…it’s pretty expensive to sponsor a non-US citizen and a hassle too, non the less some will do it. just keep sending your resume out and you’ll find someone that will be willing to go through the whole process.

There is nothing to sponsor for internships. They don’t even have to pay if they don’t want to. I’ve had 2 internships in the US and there never has been any problem. Full time will be a different case.

you can take the non pay internship and that require no special visa…maybe a visiter visa. but once you get pay then man you got to get a work visa and company has to sponser you. i think it last from 6 month to 1 year last time i checked.

and no you dont suck. i know for a fact most company dont want to sponser unless they have no choice. so many freaking indian it guys in my company do nothing but drink coffe all day and keep my email coming…HAHAHAHAHA.

Design in the US is very stronger and maybe even stonger then any where else. soo amny student to intern and feed so they take the americans first.

go work in asia. they hire anyone that is white even if they suck at design. they take anybody who are not asian.

check your spellings and learn “English”

You probably should not mention anything about being a foreign national if you don’t want to work there long term. If the company has a policy to not hire foreign nationals I can see the the logic, but to the company there should really be no reason- unless they want to hire you in the future, in which case it should not be an issue to sponsor the H1B.
Oh Well.

I know a non-yankee friend who, while working for a biomed consultancy, noted that he wasn’t able to work on (or be seen to even know of) projects that involved the military or in anyway related to national security. Could be your would be employer currently has employment only in these arenas?