wow! found cool design competition.

I found this really awesome design/art competition through BEING HUNTED called ‘anOTHER T.SHIRT COMPETITION’

scroll down to yesterday’s date.

has anyone else heard about this contest?

thinking about submitting.


Wow guys, i’m so excited to participate in this unknown competition, that i’m gonna tell you all so i have a lot of competition !!! what do you think

can’t i just spread some good juju by spreading the word.
i don’t care about competiting with other people. i got enough confidence in my own work.

seriously though, anyone heard of the nycollective?

Being Hunted is lame, but this t-shirt contest seems cool, you should check the website out for the contest first. All ready have friends who have submitted stuff. Thing could be big?


It’s a cool idea. T-Shirt as art to be hung on a wall. I’ve allready submitted two designs. Good luck.