Wouter's portfolio: phase two.

Hi to all,

Could you have a quick look at this? I will be applying for some conceptual/artistic product design MA’s, and I’d highly appreciate some constructive criticism and tips. I will add two new projects but they are still under construction; one technical project to show more than just conceptual stuff, and a competition project that I haven’t started yet. I’m also not too sure about the photography as the explanation is a bit poor.


certainly does look pretty conceptual/artistic. you have interesting concepts in your portfolio but to me it doesnt really show much in the way of execution/thinking/process.

overall, i dont really get a good idea of what you showing as the concepts are so abstract and there is very little in the way of design that shows through the photos. if just based on a concept alone, you have some interesting ideas, but i would think the realization of the concepts is just as important to show.

can you elaborate more on the MA’s… ive never really heard of more conceptual/artistic product design MAs… is it more fine arts than design?


Thanks a lot for your advice, it’s very helpfull, especially because I did most projects with minimum or no guidance.
These are the masters I was talking about;
Mdes IM @ Design Academy Eindhoven
MA Design Products @ Royal College of Art

This is what I’ll do (next to what I said before);

  • Increase the visual/text-balance
  • Clean the lay-out
  • Some minor changes such as;
    o Replacing anti² by anti anti as it is confusing
    o Removing Neta? project
    o Reshooting Igloo in context
    o Replacing the black and white picture of the soil by the original coloured one
    o Removing the umlaut from recipient out of consistency

Thanks again,