Wouter's drawings

Yesterday my internet broke so I decided to draw a bit, this is the result.(pencil only) Sorry not to have scanned it; it didn’t look nice, even now it is far from original quality. :slight_smile: Anyway, I’d appreciate some hard feedback!

PS I’ll also post my future sketches in here…

I think its great, what kind of paper is that?

Con- Eyelashes are tough, I think there isn’t enough curvature on the left eyelash, or they’re too long…something is funky with the eyes

Pro- you didnt use hard lines to define space, instead you let the shading happen and that better defines the object/makes it more realistic…The shading is great.

how long did this take you?

Thanks for your feedback!
It took me nearly 2 hours as it was the first time I did it this way. I tried too hard doing the shading correctly from the first time, while I think it’s better to do it quite roughly with a soft pencil so you can easily adjust it with your fingers afterwards. You’re correct about the eyelashes, it is a difficult angle. But that’s no excuse so I’ll do some detailed eye-drawings. This is regular copy paper by the way, it’s yellow because of the lighting…


yeah i think its a great drawing, its better to draw the tough angles sometimes instead of just the normal profile, 3/4 etc.

I agree with the pencil, too. The softer the better, IMO just because it makes shading a breeze.

again, great work

great sketch wouter!

didn’t knew you had this skills :wink:


Thanks, I hope it won’t be the last surprise!
Waarom u nick veranderd trouwens? :slight_smile:

There you go; an other “personna”. Tomorrow I can finally start with my life drawing classes…