Would you use this at work?

got 'nything for ladies?

change the graphics and the bosoms will become testicles…

that’s a good find, one rarely comes across such hideousness.

I don’t think the male body would conform well to the ergonomic needs of a mouse pad. Well, maybe a guy with a beer gut would, but do you want that on your desk?

Besides the obvious, what is with the dog on the graphics?

OMG!!! I never saw that!!!

it’s for retards.

I guess you have it in both colors then eh? :wink:

:stuck_out_tongue: The good idea, is very interesting
I thought I can use it, its function is at least complete.
It is a sexy mouse pad.

We need a permanent “Gallery of Regrettable Design” thread dedicated to pieces of crap like that.

I would suggest some more skin, and maybe a moaning feature, but then you would get zero work done.

and a hole

i have the pink one in my office. picked it up in taiwan on my last trip there. feels real good.

I think you should post an image of your office desk guest.