Would you take this gig Yes or No?

JR/SR designers:
$150 just 1 day a week for a few months at a IPOD case company and work in house and travel a 35 minute car ride?

I’d do it for double that. Cash only. Thats’ $18/hr before tax.

so you would do it for $300 check or $150 cash?

That would be a tough sell to get a company to pay you cash money!

nurb, it looks like you would do it for $300 cash!

Are you still in school? where do you live? fresh out of school I worked for much less, is it something you can eventually get more days in. you obviously need another source of income to support yourself, so this could be beer money kind of side gig…

yes-no, hard to say without knowing more about your situation.

This was question for the people here not me. I turned it down because of the lowball counter offer and that they wanted me to commute with no extra days added. I work for companies from home and get more than that and I have many years of experience.

It would depend on what I was doing there… whether the experience would be worth the extra trouble and lower pay


No, and nobody else should do it for such an insulting price.

I absolutely agree. If they are only bringing you in one day a week, that alone should increase the rate. Designers taking rates this low is what cause those ridiculous rates to be offered in the first place. Also if they are offering you these kinds of rates, and they expect you to commute and only bring you in one day a week, they are probably not a very good employer and you run the risk of getting nothing. Trust me I have been there.

aubz: A couple questions for you to help make the decision:

  1. Would you do the job for free?

  2. Other than money, what else will get out of this job?

  3. Do you have anything else going on?

I don’t think everything is about money. Do what you want to do.

yes it was an insult.

Mr-914 ,

I have a couple of things going at home sporatically and also take computer classes 3 days a week so my time is tight. I’m working on something now as I type. I posted this thread to see if this was the norm because I haven’t encountered this before. Any gig could be good for you which can make you seem busy but I didn’t like the fact the guy try to lowball me via email after I gave him a rate in person. Again, this question is for you all to answer.

is this a company that works with designers often or has ID on staff, or are the entrepreneur/engineer types?

If they have ID on staff, it does sound bad… I could believe it from a startup

yes. He claimed he had VC money comming in and was a startup but the company was in a decent size facility, signage in the front, shipping area and looked like its been thier for years. To be set on that price seemed kind of odd. I’ve worked for smaller studios around this time and they layed out more cash and days than this.

I know that is an insulting offer, but for me, (less than 2 years out of school- in this economy) I would take it if I could fit it in. Sounds like a pretty cool portfolio piece. Do good work and bring more ideas to the table. Could blossom into more work or lead to something else.

But yea, not a great deal.

For someone right out of school I’d say between $30-$45/hr. They are paying by the day, not the hour, so I’d expect long days.

For an experienced designer I’d expect between $70-$120/hr and up for on site contract.