would you please feedback HERITAGE OF SANG IL, my portfolio :)

would you please feedback HERITAGE OF SANG IL, my portfolio :slight_smile:
I am looking for feedback from you

  1. www.heritageofsangil.com
  2. www.weallowner.com
    welcome any straight feedbacks :slight_smile:

since the feedbacks from all you, i fixed many things.


As a product designer I have to say, your site makes a confused impression.
Somehow I get the impression you don’t even need a career but are doing this for fun. Good for you if that is true!

So i’ll try a bit of serious feedback.
If you are a first year student of industrial design, this is pretty good stuff!
I like some of the ideas of your furniture and home decor designs. It’s good you’re inspired by the big brands.

That said your projects are not in some kind of maturity stage beyond the idea and initial 3D render. It can use a lot more work and depth. Your sketching skills aren’t all bad; use 'em!

And saying design is easy is a cop out. It is in the end a very complex, multidisciplinary, multivariate process and wicked problems need solving. Yes, design is the transfer of the mind of a designer onto the audience/crowd, much like a book is… (blabla would follow hence the ellipsis). But in a way the sentences contradict each other, because it would be hard to imagine you want to give people easy thoughts. Maybe you can nuance that.

I think the quality of a designer is in one way defined as his or her level of design intelligence, and true simplicity comes from the intuitive mastery of the discipline. Didn’t Frank Gehry once joke that it’s easy to be an architect / deconstructionist. Just crumple a piece of paper, there’s your next building. Well, while there are simple inspirations like that, he was joking. So yeah, when you explicitly define words like ‘archetype’ on your site I think it says something about underestimating people’s intelligence. It’s in fact an everyday word like ‘sunny day’ or ‘coffee’, the next level would be words like taxonomy, epistemology, axiom, etc. but no need to put things that people can google. It’s true that many people don’t want to think and prefer default modes of behavior/routines/rituals. But I think one challenge of a designer is to imbue new ways of thinking onto an audience. Just things to be aware of.

I am also missing a section showing who you are.
There are many links and it is not clear where it is all going.

I don’t know what to make of the button ‘I have no friends’. You have no friends? Welcome to the life of being a professional designer :slight_smile: believe me it’s just work, revision, revision, revision, administration, one more revision, eat, sleep, repeat, but if you need friends you can work on that, right?

I also don’t know what to make of site #2 at all actually.
I like swagger just as much as I like people 3d printing crap from their homes, wasting valuable bioplastic resources that cost acres and acres to grow just a few pounds because they want the latest anime fan art in their room. But if you have an audience, good for you.
When you state that people burst out in laughter at the end of a design feedback count on me chances are higher that they’re ridiculing you or your work rather than thinking something is genuinely funny. So that is straight feedback from the hard world of design :slight_smile:

A little context would help us to give better feedback, what are your goals? To freelance/contract? To get a full time job? In what area?

Sang iL should collaborate with MIA, similar jarring overwhelming low-fi aesthetic. Or maybe Art Basel Miami. I don’t understand any of it.