Would you hire them?

If you had a leprechaun stop by your office with a wicked portfolio, would you hire them?

hire them to cut my lawn maybe.

only if they brought their own frosted lucky charms with them.

they can’t have mine. they are far too magically delicious to share.


i would have to look past thier ethnic or biological background. the important thing would be thier ability to solve problems in a thoughtful way, and develop strong positive messages easily identified through the design

Also, I would be stoked if they could make a client say yes to a scope increase, or making the VP dance like a chump uncontrollably in front of everyone…

No, but I’d definitely hire a hot babe with a shitty portfolio.

depends… is it one or more… I defenitely hire several for the price of one, the so called Costco package deal…

hey brady, you got any job openings?