Would you do it??

Hello all,

Im currently in my second year of a BSc in Product Design. Although i extremely enjoy the vast majority of my modules and the facilities are very good the univeristy (no names mentioned) does not have a very good ranking and it is not that hard to get a place which means we get alot of dickheads who couldnt give a toss.

Ive been considering whether to switch and have contacted Loughborough (very well established, much sought after ID program, good industry ties) and they have responded by offering me a place dependant on my portfolio and grades this year.

The catch is that it would mean i would have to repeat a year as the programme differs immensly from the one i currently study. Im not sure what to do at the moment but i want to ensure i get the best opportunity to land a decent design job when i eventually graduate and not end up designing cardboard boxes!!!

Any advice welcome :smiley:

If yu think that yu can get a better education, why not?!