Would you buy this coffee maker?

Please help a future designer out

My name is Andrew Kelly, I am an ID major at Kendall College of Art and Design in Grand Rapids, MI. I need to know if there is any interest in my solution to the standard drip coffee maker. Below is a link to my survey (only 3 question)



Hey Andrew,

Not sure if you’ve seen this thread started by another Kendal student, probably a classmate of ours.

I think the responses to your thread will be the same.

Your survey is nearly identical in its structure which leads me to believe that you are all following the same template, maybe from your instructor? I do not mean to take digs at anyone at Kendal without knowing the full story, but something is really off here. Surveys are meant to give you useful data, help reframe a problem, generate meaningful insight, etc. etc. I used the “unicorn” example on the other thread so I’ll use a Loch Ness analogy on this one :slight_smile: You’re survey is like asking someone if for one easy payment of 99 cents they could ride a tame Loch Ness monster to the bottom of the ocean and then have an all expense trip to Captain Nemo’s underground playland. Who wouldn’t say yes? Your coffee maker is promising to do everything! No compromises?!?! I don’t think there is a single product that promises anything close to this AND lives up to it. Plus you’re giving us nothing to evaluate other than words right now.

I would take a look at the other thread and at the link that R posted. I don’t think it’s worth your time to continue with this survey and you should work on reframing it first.

Good luck with the project and I hope that my comments don’t come off as harsh because they come from a fellow student hoping to see another student do well!