Would you buy this car?

The new Toyota Yaris, coming State-side next year. I personally think it’d be a cool first car, but then again I’m one of those that voted for Bush.

I’ve seen the new Yaris on the road already. I like that it is a user-oriented interior design, and that it very efficient. What I don’t like is the looks. The previous Yaris was tall as well, but had a more balanced appearance. The new Yaris, in person, looks like a oddly tall and awkward.

On the good side for the US is that this will be that Toyota is taking the small car market serious. Most of the cars this small sold in the US over the last 20 years have been jokes (Hyundai, Kia, Daewoo).

um no way would i buy this

This car is a reincarnated Geo Metro - and I would laugh at any man who would drive it - except if he was French, I love the French - they are so smart

The only north american who will buy this car is Cameron Diaz. The rest are just waiting for the gas price to drop.

Oh, my god… that is absolutely repulsive and disgusting… that you voted for bush. :smiling_imp:

The Yaris has been around for years, it was even in the US for a while as the “Echo”. This is just an updated hatchback version. :unamused:

The Yaris has been around for years, it was even in the US for a while as the “Echo”. This is just an updated hatchback version. :unamused:


I’m not a big fan of Bush, but at least he wasn’t saying “I’m gonna raise your taxes!” like Kerry was - easy for Kerry to pay his taxes, he’s heir to the Heinz fortune. I’m not a fan of us being in Iraq, it will be the stupid thing that defines bush’s presidency, but any monkey can see that if we pulled out now Zarqawi’s goons would take over and be the next Iran/North Korea - Kerry is a dove, any terrorist, or even France would use him as a doormat, all the while he’d want to “talk and sort things out”

Sorry, I meant I’m not one of those that voted for Bush (big difference). What I meant to say was that I don’t speak for the supposed majority of this country, so I can’t say that people will like the Yaris but I think it’s a nice looking car. As for the Echo, I’ve heard they were different cars, and yes that did flop in the U.S. I heard the Yaris makes up about 25% of Toyota’s European sales and was named car of the year there.

Dude, we pulled out of Vietnam and now you can go visit the place. We stayed in Korea and we still got problems. Saying Zarqawi’s goons are gonna take over is like Bush saying there are WMDs in Iraq. Scare tactic bs.

Echo had hatchback version ever since the start. In fact, I suspect that the sedan version came after that.

Yaris is a nice car, but I would probably consider a Corolla hatch instead if they ever bring it to the US.

I’d definitely consider it.

I’m the gal who usually looks through core forums and giggles “Men!” at all of the sexy and fast cars. Finally, something practical and economical for a change.

Zarqawi’s goons would take over Iraq - who else is it going to be? that’s how dictators come to power - he’d set up another taliban with their stupid terrorist training camps (guys jumping through tires) and they would hatch their plans for terror attacks everywhere - that’s what they do now, why would they stop. Zarqawi has become equal with Bin Laden, and you’re just going to step back and hand him his own country to run - would you do that for Bin Laden?

Iraq isn’t Afghanistan and the people there aren’t Afghani’s. Not even close. The Iraqi’s were the most progressive Muslim nation when it came to things like women’s rights and acceptance of other religions including Christianity. Saddam was a brutal dictator and no one’s sad he’s gone, but Iraq posed no imminent threat to the U.S. and what’s really important is that Iraq was secular. Has been for a long time and people there have been mostly raised with some concept of acceptance.

Here’s some of the mistakes the Bush people have told us:

  • Iraqi people would welcome the U.S. as liberators
  • The insurgency is small
  • The insurgency is mostly foreign fighters

First off, the Iraqi’s didn’t welcome the U.S. like they were supposed to. Just count the bodies. Then we hear how the insurgency is small and won’t last. How the U.S. will mop it up. That didn’t happen either. Then we hear how the insurgency is mostly Baathists and foreign fighters. Only that’s wrong too. Not only that, the insurgency keeps growing. Finally we hear “Oh, we got it wrong again” from the people running this comedy show. Is anyone sick of hearing how we always get it wrong?

Why is the insurgency growing? Because America is occupying Iraq. It’s that simple. Because all the problems in Iraq now are blamed on the U.S. and we’re an easy target for blame. And so long as the U.S. stays in Iraq, the insurgency will grow. They’re tired of the U.S. and want us to leave. Average Iraqi’s who wouldn’t give Zarqawi the time of day join just to get the U.S. out of Iraq. And unless we’re going to send in the troops Rumsfeld was told by his generals we needed in the beginning, we’ll be a step behind this rebellion.

Why won’t the U.S. leave? Some say because if we leave there’ll be a civil war. Who knows? That’s a guess. Would the Kurds want civil war? No. They got what they want for now. Would the Shiites want civil war? No. They got what they want and just want to see what it’s like without a Sunni dictator. Would the Sunni’s want civil war? No. Because they’re outnumbered by the Shiite. Besides, the Sunni’s are the educated ones in Iraq. Some of them know that one way or another they’ll be back in control because they’re the ones who know how to run the country. So why doesn’t the U.S. consider pulling out? Simple. Money. There’s still billions and billions of dollars in reconstruction over there promised to American corporations. Reconstruction that was supposed to be paid by Iraqi oil revenue but which is instead probably now coming from U.S. taxpayers. It’s U.S. companies that have a lock on that market so long as the U.S. calls the shots. If we leave and Iraqi’s regain real control over their own country, watch the contracts go to companies in other countries. Or to Iraqi’s themselves. Halliburton wouldn’t like that. And what big corporations don’t like, politicians with ties to their purse strings don’t like. Cheney would be really unhappy.

If the U.S. left tomorrow the insurgency wouldn’t have anything to fight against. Without the U.S., there’s no need for them or Zarqawi. The Iraqi’s in the insurgency would go home. The remaining foreign elements would have only as much power as they do in places like Indonesia or Turkey. Iraqi’s don’t even like al Qaeda because they’re not that extremist. And for those Shiite who want more religion, the U.S. even did them a favor removing a secular ruler. The new constitution will likely create a Muslim theocracy where things like women’s rights get worse not better.

And those last two photos of the car are nice. Guess it looks good at some angles and bad at others.

I don’t like its character and its colour. I think it’s too “man” for me to drive although I like the speed driving. When I save enough money, I want to buy BAOMA which is beautiful and present speed. It’s my dream. So, studying hard now, then I will accomplish my dream.HA…HA…