Would you but this coffee maker?

Please help a future designer out

My name is Andrew Kelly, I am an ID major at Kendall College of Art and Design in Grand Rapids, MI. I need to know if there is any interest in my solution to the standard drip coffee maker. Below is a link to my survey (only 3 question)



$79.99 isn’t a realistic price for such a machine. And best part about “perfect” coffee, is being part of the brewing process.

Andrew this seems like lazy research right down to the lack of attention you gave to your subject heading.

You would be making a better use of this resource by asking for help composing your survey than asking us to fill it out.

This survey is completely useless.

It reeks of laziness and thoughtlessness.

I posted a response on your other thread Would you buy this coffee maker? - #2 by choto
(you really don’t need to make more than one thread for the same topic, perhaps a mod can combine the two?)

Don’t be scared off by the feedback. You have to realize that presenting this survey to a bunch of seasoned designers is like me stepping up to the Yankees pitching mound and throwing an under hand toss that doesn’t even reach home plate. Man I use analogies too much… They’re going to tear your ass up, and for good reason, this is pretty bad.

But as hard as their hitting at you you’ll get a stronger response if you post up what you really want to get out of this survey, maybe post up some rough sketches, inspiration boards etc., and we can all help you reframe this.

Why don’t you post some sketches and process stuff for us to look at instead? I think that would be much more beneficial to your research.

Keurig, Tassimo, Nespresso and even streetside vending machines have you kind of beat.
Unless you mean to have little tubs for everything, a mini-cooler for milk.
Offices would like it, and cost-conscious users in a rush.